Telephones / Systems

If it's good enough for Uncle Sam, it must be good enough for your desk!
All telephones shown or listed here are "New-In-The-Box" (unless noted otherwise)
and made by leading U.S. Manufacturers in the latest designer colors!
Western Electric / Ma-Bell Touch-Tone Pay Phone
Western Electric / Ma-Bell touch-tone pay phone. Brand new! Never installed. Model 1D2. Coin box & keys not included.
$650 each
Telcon 20 Position Fuse Panel
50 amp
(TEL) 009-0012-1005
Telect Telcon 20 position fuse panel. 50 amp. 19" x 9" x 1.75"H.
$95 each
Wired Field Telephone Set
Wired Field Telephone Set
(EQP) SR-700L/R
The SR-700 Remote Control System is designed to control a transciever from a remote location of up to three miles with only 2 wires. The system also has an intercom capability allowing an operator at either location to ring a bell or light a lamp at the other location and talk with the operator at that location.

The SR-700 Remote Control System consists of two units. The local unit (SR-700L) is located at the transciever location. The remote unit (SR-700R) can be located anywhere within 3 miles of the transciever. Both units contain a magneto generator for signalling the other unit and a light and a bell for receiving the signal. Batteries (1 D cell per unit, not included) are contained in each unit to power the handsets for intercom use if external power (12 vdc) fails.

The local unit contains an audio amplifier for increasing the audio signal from the transciever to a nominal 0dBm at the remote location. The local unit also contains a constant current power supply to power the local and remote handsets. The keying relay and its drive circuit, which are located in the local unit, senses a handset closure in either the local or remote unit and keys the transciever.

In addition to the circuits used for intercom and remote voice operation of the transciever, the remote unit has provisions for the sending and receiving of TTY signals. Both the local and remote units are housed in splashproof metal cases. Handsets and manual included.

      • Dimensions: 13-1/4"W x 7-1/2"D x 5-1/4"H
$595 / set
Patch Panel Interface
Patch Panel Interface
(TEL) 558745-1
Amp patch panel interface. "Net connect" series, "Simulcast remote site interface." Four 50 pin telephone type connectors breakout to 24 - RJ45 jacks. Makes breaking out a 25 pair x 4 system into individual handsets simple. Works great with 5 line phones like (TEL) 256413 below **. Rackmount. Measures 19"W x 1-3/4"H x 4-1/2" deep.

** Because of the internal placement of jumpers in each of our (TEL) 256413 phones only one phone plugs into this patch panel and breaks out to every third jack on the front. Jumpers can be reset inside the phone to match the panel so that 4 phones can be plugged into each of the 4 jacks on this panel and then break out to all RJ45 jacks.
$21.75 each - $19 (3+), $17 (12+)
Cortelco Pushbutton Wall Phone
(TEL) 255445-VBA-20M
Cortelco pushbutton wall phone. Brown. New in the box. Minor surface scratches on surface (See pics). Made in the USA. Only one available.
Vintage ATC 1980's Dialer
Vintage ATC 1980's dialer. Stores and dials 32 phone numbers. Brand new in the box!! Includes installation and maintenance manual. Only one available.
19 Line + Hold Pushbutton Phone
(TEL) 600603K20
Eagle Telephonics 19 line + hold pushbutton phone. 12 key pushbutton dial. Ivory case. NOS. New in the box. Unused. Circa 1998. Sold as is.
$89 each
Traditional Desk Pushbutton Telephone
(TEL) 250013-FBA-20M
ITT traditional desk pushbutton telephone. Beige. Handset and base only. No handset or cabling included. NOS. New in manufacturer's package.
$45 each
22 Line Business Phone
(TEL) TC22
Tie Communications 22 line business phone. 2 piece set. 1 new and 1 used as pictured. 1 complete in box, 1 no box and appears slightly used. Made in Taiwan, ROC. DC: 1984.
US Military Wall Mount Phone
(TEL) 2851R-BC
Comdial US military wall mount phone. New surplus. Heavy duty "Image" key telephone. Black. 6 pushbutton special function. 5 lines + hold. Pushbutton key pad, 12 key connector cable as pictured. Mil-spec. New in the box. Circa 1989. Made in the USA. NSN: 5805-01-258-0804.
$179 each
Pushbutton Desk Phone
(TEL) K25000-0BA-21M
Cortelco / ITT pushbutton desk phone. Black. 12 pushbuttons. New military surplus as pictured. New in the box. Mil-spec. DC: 1990+. NSN: 5805-01-161-7547.
$55 each
Vintage Rotary Desk Phone
(TEL) 51000-BA-30M
ITT (for the US Military) vintage rotary desk phone. Beautiful heavy duty telephone. Includes cord and wiring jack. NOS. Mil-spec. DC: 1968. NSN: 5805-00-087-9765. Limited quantity. These sell out quickly!
$125 each
Vintage Multi-Line Rotary Business Phone
(TEL) GB86105-76M
ITT vintage multi-line rotary business phone. Gorgeous retro avocado green! 29 line + hold, volume control, power / connector cable. NOS. New!
$475 each
Rotary Wall Phone
(TEL) 860390-000
ITT rotary wall phone. Classic black. NOS. New in the box! Alt. P/N: 55400-BA-30M. (Hearing aid / non-hearing aid compatible).
$119 each
Beige Rotary Phone
Beige rotary phone....a throw-back to the 1960's & 70's. Brand is not apparent. Western Electric knock off.
$119 each
"Comdial" Rotary Phone
(TEL) 0830BKCW000S
"Comdial" rotary phone. Black. Multi-line. 10 buttons / line. 50 pin connector. NSN: 5805-01-050-7878.
$249 each - $235 (3+)
5 Line Rotary Phone
(TEL) GB568M
ITT 5 line rotary desk phone with 50 pin connector and cord. New surplus in original box. Limited quantities available. Alt. P/N: 102-954-831, 568HSMW-3. NSN: 5805-00-153-5771.
$175 each
Ivory Pushbutton Desk Phone
(TEL) 250009-MBA-20M
Cortelco ivory pushbutton desk phone. New in the box. Made in the USA.
$45 each
ITT Touch-Tone Desk Phone
(TEL) 901070-064
ITT Telecom gorgeous wedgewood blue touch-tone desk phone. Vintage surplus. New in the box. Weighs 3 lbs. Made in the USA. Hurry! Only two left!
*** SOLD OUT ***
ITT Telecom Handset
US Navy Rotary Dial Telephone
ITT Telecom beige handset with pigtail cord. New, old stock.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Multi-Line, 6 Button Rotary Dial Phone
US Navy Rotary Dial Telephone
(TEL) 1800-3A3
Stromberg-Carlson multi-line, 6 button rotary dial phone. Spade tipped line cord. Black. New condition. Great collector piece! Designed in the style of the Western Electric Call-Director, this is an excellent example of the 1A2 style business phone. New, old stock.

Includes wiring diagram, paper button inserts, colored rotary dial inserts. Click here for image.

US Navy Rotary Dial Telephone

US Navy Rotary Dial Telephone
(EQP) 100001-274
XY Resources Inc. US Navy rotary dial telephone set. No electronic ringer here, a real bell powered by the telephone company AC - or ship board communications system. All steel construction. 6" wide x 12" long x 8" high with handset (with hand release lock) and cord with outlet jack. NSN: 5805-00-093-1420.
Field Phone
Field phone. Used. Standard Elektrick Lorenz. Not complete. See pics for details. Appears used. German / NATO. Circa 1967. NSN: 5805-12-120-4847.
Field Phone
Field phone. New! Minor bin wear but unused. Standard Elektrick Lorenz. battery assumed to not be in working order. See pics for details. German / NATO. Circa 1963. NSN: 5805-12-120-4847.
Military / Industrial
Front view Back view of latch
(TEL) 250000-20M
If the Space Shuttle had a phone.... this is it. Black as night Cortelco ITT model 250000-MBA-20M. This rough and tumble telephone has a "squeeze to release" latch on the handset and three threaded posts on the bottom for mounting. Modular jack. New in the box. NSN: 5805-01-338-8516.

Other practical uses include any other weightless environment, battle tank, boxing ring or any place you can imagine that you don't want the handset to ring or get knocked off the hook.
$99 each
5 - Line Touch Tone Phone
Almond / Beige
(TEL) 256413
ITT 256413-MBA-40M high quality desk telephone plugs right into standard 50 pin 'telephone' connector or cut it off and hard wire it into your own terminal block. This telephone operates in any touchtone capable system. Actively monitor 5 lines in your office or warehouse without the expense of a solid state switch. Made in 1991. New in the box. Beautiful beige (almond to anyone born after 1960). NSN: 5805-01-161-0663.
$59 each - $49 (6+), $45 (50+)
5-Line Rotary Phone
(TEL) 851CMW-3
Western Electric telephone, 5 line rotary, black. Wall mount. NSN: 5805-01-037-1076. Hardwire.
*** SOLD OUT ***
19 Line Touch Tone
(TEL) 280244MOE-20M
American Telcon Corporation. 19 line with hold, touch tone, tan. Handset has volume thumbwheel. NSN: 5805-01-295-4583. Made in the early 1990s. New, unused. Sold as-is.
$125 each
19 Line + Hold & Changing Switch Touch Tone Telephone
(TEL) 283113-MBA-46M
ITT 19 lines + hold and changing switch touch tone telephone. Two 50 pin connectors. Beautiful beige color. Brand new in factory sealed military wrap. NSN: 5805-01-213-4619.
$275 each - $249 (4+)
Handsome Black
19-Line Touch Tone Telephone
(TEL) 283100MBA46
ITT telephone, 19 line with hold, black. Desk mount. Dual 50 pin connector as pictured. 8' cord. New. NSN: 5805-01-174-8868.
$269 each
5-Line Touch Tone Telephone
(TEL) GB3568-5-05
5-line touch tone telephone. Green, desk model. 16 button. 50 pair system plug. New, never used but some red plastic button covers (right side) are cracked due to age.
*** SOLD OUT ***
6 Pushbutton Rotary Dial Operated Telephone
(TEL) 134200
Dynetcom 6 pushbutton rotary dial operated telephone. 1 bank. Confidencer mic, push-to-talk Dynalec handset with heavy duty cord as pictured. New in the box. Circa 1985. NSN: 5805-01-104-0443.
$195 each
(TEL) 134200/NB
Dynetcom 6 pushbutton rotary dial operated telephone same as (TEL) 134200 but no box. Minor shelf wear but appears unused. Sold as-is. NSN: 5805-01-104-0443.
$149 each
20 Pushbutton Telephone Set
(TEL) 134300
Dynetcom 20 pushbutton telephone set. 2 x 10 banks. Rotary dial operated. Confidencer mic, push-to-talk Dynalec handset with heavy duty cord. Includes cables as pictured. New in the box. Mil-spec. Circa 1985. NSN: 5805-01-104-0442.
$495 each
Vintage Rotary Desk Phone
Vintage Western Electric rotary desk phone. Heavy weight, black. Rotary dial spins freely, microphone elements in place. Appears to be in working condition but not tested. Sold as-is. Handset underside marked "Bell System Property. Not for Sale." Only one available.
Rotary Desk Model
(TEL) X9950337
Northern Telephone almond (formerly beige) rotary phone, desk model with modular plug! Plugs into any household wall jack. NSN: 5805-00-767-3324. New in the box.
*** SOLD OUT ***

Comdial Rotary Telephone

(TEL) 0554BE
Comdial rotary telephone, wall mount. Western Electric look alike. Beige (tan) in color. Fits a modular wall plate. NSN: 5805-01-042-2274. New.
$89 each

Rotary Desk Model

(TEL) NE500/U
Throw yourself back to the 50's with this Northern Telecom black rotary phone, desk model. Bell ringer. Used. NSN: 5805-01-503-2774.
*** SOLD OUT ***

19 Station Rotary Tone

(TEL) V119RT
Valcom 19 station rotary-tone intercom. Designed for use with 1A2 key system. Provides 19 stations of intercom signaling. Features 19 stations, dial tone, ringback tone, last number dialed re-ring, conference calling on tone dial systems, personal signaling and combined rotary and tone dialing. 600 ohm input impedance T and R.
$125 each

Tone Hunter

(TEL) 27000001
Harris Tone Hunter Tone Probe detects audio signals on wires up to 12" away. Use an audio signal generator or build a portable audio warbler with output up to 10v peak - peak to feed signal into one end of cable pair to be checked. Wave probe over broken out wires and the one with tone can be clearly identified. We install a brand new fresh 9v battery before shipping. Try it once and your tool box will never be without one again. Priced at a fraction of original cost.
$17.95 each - $16 (3+), $14 (12+)

New Phones for Parts!!

(TEL) TD5000B
Stromberg / Carlson pro retro black rotary phone, desk model. Hardwire. New in the box. NSN: 5805-00-475-0169. Great cannibal prospect for handset, dial mechanism or handset. Has buzzer, no ringer. As wired, phone does not dial out or buzz on incoming. PLEASE, only technical buyers!
*** SOLD OUT ***

Rockwell Wescom
400 Card Chassis

Rockwell Wescom Card Chassis 400
(EQP) A93-093101
Rockwell card chassis type 400 - originally intended for a Wescom 931 emergency conference telephone system. A 931 system allows 60 phones to be interconnected for simultaneous ring and communication.

Chassis has slots for 11 cards with 56 pin edge connectors. 17"W x 6"H x 7-1/2" deep with 2 "L" mount brackets extending another 7/8" each side. 2 x 50 pin male ribbon connectors and 1 x 50 female ribbon connectors and 8 position barrier terminal strip for power. 1/8" thick aluminum frame.

50 Pin Female Telephone Connector

50 Pin Female Telephone Connector
(CPC) 57-40500
Amphenol 50 pin female telephone connector.
$15 each