Collins: R390 / A
Heat Dissipating Tube Shield
(TUA) S0761
Atlee Corporation heat dissipating tube shield. Short 7 pin, T5 1/2 base electron tube shield. Black anodized aluminum with liner and ventilated shell. 1-3/4"H x 0.875"D, twist lock. Bare bulb test temperature = 293ºF; shield temperature(x) 10 - 25% = 27 - 65ºF, reduction (min.) (C) 25 - 38% = 65 - 99ºF. Circa 1964. Navy milspec #MILS19786. Used in Collins R-390A receiver. New in package. NSN: 5960-00-761-7808.
$15 each
452 - 458 kc
(RF) AT-7620
R-390A / URR variable intermediate frequency oscillator. Brand new from Artisan. Use for replacement in R390 or for any project requiring a 455 kc IF. NSN: 5820-00-697-9687.
$45 each
R-390 Ballast Tube
(TUR) 3TF7
Hard to find 3TF7 ballst tube is essential to the proper operation of the R-390.
$65 each
R-390 Power Cable
(COL) R390-PC
Has four contact connector, center thumbnut. We have discovered this IS NOT the actual R390 cable. The alignment keyway slot is in a different place. This aspect can be modified, if you have the ability. Be advised these cables will not plug into your R390 as-is. To compensate you for this trouble, we have discounted cables by $10 from Catalog 8 to $25.
$25 each
R-390 / R390A Manuals
Part Number Description Price Each  
(PUB) COL-R390 R390 Manual copy 35.00 Add
(PUB) COL-R390A R390A Manual copy 35.00 Add
(PUB) COL-R390/UR URR Organ. Maintenance Manual, copy 25.00 Add
(PUB) COL-R390A/S R390A Schematics, copy 35.00 Add
(PUB) COL-R390A/U R390A/URR Operations Manual 1/61, copy 25.00 Add
(PUB) COL-R390URR R390/URR Complete book 10/53, copy 75.00 Add