Collins Museum Equipment
Collins 100 watt & 1000 watt Forward & Reflected Power Meter
Collins 100 watt and 1000 watt forward and reflected power meter. 2 - 30 MHz. Includes Collins 542-4116-004 directional coupler, 458-0388-00 3" square wattmeters, phenolic rotary switch with knob to select meter scale and a ceramic rotary switch to select an antenna or dummyload. These parts come attached to a Collins 180T-2 remote control unit for an antenna coupler, better known as an SRA-22. The wattmeter parts are all there and connected together. Cut off the end of the SRA-22 for the front panel for your wattmeter. You can also remove the parts without disturbing the wiring and mount them in another cabinet. These parts are what make up a Collins 302C-1 or 302C-2 wattmeter, less the case. Order (EQP) SRA-22#1 or (EQP) SRA-22#3 below.
Antenna Coupler Control Head for SRA-22 Remote Tuner
(EQP) SRA-22#1
Collins antenna coupler control head for SRA-22 remote tuner. This is a complete tuner controller and directional watt-meter for your own remote tuner. A tremendous value. Made to swing mount in a 19" rack. Unit measures: 5-1/16" high x 8" deep x 18-1/2" long. 21 lbs. Used, surplus, fair condition. Sold as is. Unit Includes:

• 27 vdc, 0.5 amp power supply
• Collins directional coupler with "N" connectors
• 0 - 100 / 0 - 1000 watt-meters to go with directional coupler
• Phenolic rotary switch for forward & reflected range
• Ceramic switch for selecting antenna or load
• Dual transformer, independent 115 vac primaries,
30 vct @ 0.5 amp secondary
Aemco 83-3277 coaxial relay. 600 watts, 2 - 30 MHz
• 28 vdc. SPDT with "N" and "BNC" connectors

  • 2 - 100 ohm 5%, 10 turn pots with turns counting dial
• 2 - 500 - 0 - 500 µA, 2-5/8" panel meters
• 1 - 4PDT momentary toggle switch
• 1 - SPDT toggle switch
• 2 - 4PDT, 27.5 vdc sealed relays
• 2 - 2P4T lever switches
• Pilot light assembly
• Fuse holder
*** SOLD OUT ***
(EQP) SRA-22#3
Same as above except missing the 83-3277 coaxial relay. Mount an "N" double female bulkhead connector on the back panel to mate with the "N" male pigtail from the switch and you're ready to go. Same fair condition as SRA-22#3.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Collins KWS-1
Collins KWS-1 power supply was separated from console - then stripped of all parts. Empty cabinet included. 17-3/8"W x 10-3/4"H x 16" deep. Was maintained in excellent condition by previous owner. Includes original manual. SN 644.
Handset Assembly with Mounting Brackets and Hardware
(COL) 792-6533-001
Rockwell-Collins #792-6533-001 handset assembly with mounting brackets and hardware. New surplus. Only one available. NSN: 5965-01-187-0941.
*** SOLD OUT ***
SWR Indicator
(EQP) IM-201/AR
SWR Indicator. used / removed from Collins equipment.
$75 each
Part Number Description Condition Price  
32V-2 Nice cabinet, front panel. Missing some tubes and other parts Missing parts 475.00 Add
351D-2 KWM-2 Mobile Mounting Bracket New 360.00 Add
351D-2 KWM-2 Mobile Mounting Bracket Very Good 156.00 Add
516E-2 Power Supply Excellent 360.00 Add