Miscellaneous Collins Parts
RF Coil
(COL) 504-6800-002
Vintage Delco Radio (Division of GM) RF coil. 56 turn, 2 primary windings. Open inclosure. 4 wire leads. 0.01003" AWG. Phenolic body. 2.18"L x 0.719" outside diameter. NOS. Sealed in NSN packaging. Made in the USA in Kokomo, Indiana. DC: 1956. NSN: 5950-00-030-0281. NOTE: Part number assigned to Rockwell Collins Circa 1963.
$10 each
RCA Ceramic Jack
Replace your broken ceramic insulators!! Collins RCA ceramic jack. Includes #4-40 hardware kit to replace drilled out rivets. 11/16" centers. NOTE: This version does not have a ground lug, so we include a lug.
$7.50 each - $6.50 (10+), $5.85 (50+)
Aluminum Extension
For Collins
(COL) 543-8101-002
The real thing! Milled, black anodized, taper top to bottom and front to back, aluminum extension feet.
$9 each - $8.50 (5+), $7.65 (20+)
Rubber Feet
For Collins
Are your feet cracked and worn after 30 years of holding up the Collins? Do you wish they could be replaced? They can now. Quantity saves.
$2 each - $1.85 (9+), $1.65 (24+)
Collins Rubber Feet Kit
(COL) 543-8101-KIT
Collins rubber feet kit. Kit includes (4) rubber feet, (2) extension feet & (1) set of hardware.
$27 each - $25.50 (5+ kits)
"Collins Autotune" ART-13
20 Turn Mechanical Counter
(SHW) N16S15001
Collins Radio ART-13 "Collins Autotune" 20 turn mechanical counter from 1954!! Frequency Tuning for WWII ART-13. Electrical end switches each end of travel. 3-3/4"W x 3"H x 3-1/2" deep behind. New in sealed boxes!! See enlarged images for the incredible craftsmanship.
$119 each
Calibration Crystal
100 kc
(COL) 289-1424-000
This new crystal is used in Collins and other equipment.
$85 each
2nd Crystal Deck
Original Amphenol 2nd crystal deck for Collins equipment. 20 position 2-7/16" x 2-13/16".
$25 each
Foot Hardware
Set of nickel plated brass screws, nuts and washers to mount two front and two rear feet to cabinet.
$2.25 each - $2 (5+)
Gray Screws
for Collins
Gray trim screws for fastening cabinet to frame.
35¢ each - 28¢ (10+), 25¢ (25+)
Filter Cap
100 µF / 450v
(CFE) 100CFJ
Our most often sold 30L-1 repair item. With 20-30 years on any 30L-1 out there, filter caps are popping like corn. It is recommended to replace all six at once. 1" by 3-1/8" axial body. Sprague 53D.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Nomenclature Plate
(COL) TS-1945/SRM-14
Collins TS-1945/SRM-14 test set equipment nomenclature plate. New in package.
$4.95 each
Vector Stand-Off
Turret post as used in most Collins tube equipment. Replace vectors with broken lugs.
$10 each
0.01 µF Dual Disc
(COL) 913-3829-000
Original dual disc capacitor for repairs in all Collins tube gear. 500v. Very popular replacement part.
$2 each - $1.80 (10+), $1.65 (25+)
Knurled Knob
(COL) 647-3489-001
Aluminum knurled Collins knob, 1-1/2" diameter x 1-1/8" high. Older style.
$25 each
Collins 4 Ohm Speaker
(COL) SPKR-4-57
You're missing out if you haven't replaced your 20-30 year old speaker with our updated communications speaker made by the same manufacturer Collins contracted with. Delivers the desired warm audio from your tube type equipment. Many hams order extra after trying out this new design. Slips right into same mounting as original speaker in B3, B4 or B5. 5" x 7". Low, 4 ohm impedance Join the club! Also fits Drake MS-4 Speaker cabinet. A perfect replacement!
$36.75 each - $35 (3+), $32.50 (10+)
Spray Paint for Collins Equipment
1/2 Pint & Quart Cans in Many Colors
Surplus Sales of Nebraska has sold 1000's of cans of our perfectly matched enamel paint. Exclusively mixed for the touch-up or repainting of vintage Collins equipment, our paint yields many compliments from satisfied customers. 16 Oz. spray, 1/2 pint and quart cans, as noted.
NOTE: Aerosol cans CANNOT be shipped Internationally.
NOTE: Aerosol cans MUST be shipped via UPS Ground.
Spray Paint
Part Number Description $ Each  
(COL) PAINT-126 Shade #126 matches trim rings on all S-Line & KWM-2.
Spray cans
15.00 Add
(COL) PAINT-126PT Shade #126 matches S-Line & KWM-2 trim rings.
1/2 pint can
29.00 Add
(COL) PAINT-180 Shade #180 matches the cabinet on all S-Line & KWM-2.
Spray cans
15.00 Add
(COL) PAINT-180PT Shade #180 for S-Line & KWM-2 cabinets.
1/2 pint can
29.00 Add
(COL) PAINT-250 Shade #250 matches front panel on all S-Line & KWM-2.
Spray cans
15.00 Add
(COL) PAINT-250PT Shade #250 for S-Line & KWM-2 front panels.
1/2 pint can
29.00 Add
(COL) PAINT-270 Shade #270 is St. James Gray for all A-Line (non-wrinkle).
Spray cans
15.00 Add
(COL) PAINT-270PT Shade #270 is St. James Gray for all A-Line (non-wrinkle).
1/2 pint can
29.00 Add
(COL) PAINT-PRIMR Zinc Chromate (yellow/green) primer should be laid down
on all bare metal. Spray cans
17.00 Add

Aluminum Knob Inlays
Part Number Description Price Each Price (10+)  
(COL) INLAY-1 Small (5/8" dia.) fits all small S-Line knobs. 2.00 1.80 Add
(COL) INLAY-2 Medium (15/16" dia.) fits 30L-1 knobs. 3.00 2.75 Add
(COL) INLAY-3 Large (1-1/2" dia.) fits main tuning and 30S-1 knobs. 5.00 4.50 Add
(KNB) INLAY-5 Drake Spinner (1-3/8" dia.) for Drake equipment. 5.00 4.50 Add
(KNB) INLAY-6 Heath main knob (1-1/2" dia.) for Heath Kit rigs. 5.00 4.50 Add
(KNB) INLAY-7 Heath spinner knob (1-1/2" dia.) for Heath rigs. - SOLD OUT

Type 557 Ceramic
The original Erie/Tusonix tab trimmer found through out 3 eras of Collins equipment. Values can be mixed for best price.
Part Number Description Price Each Price (6+) Price (25+) Price (100+)  
(COL) 557/1.5-7 1.5 - 7 pF - - - SOLD OUT
(COL) 557/3-12 3 - 12 pF 9.25 8.45 7.90 7.25 Add
(COL) 557/5-25 5 - 25 pF 9.25 8.45 7.90 7.25 Add
(COL) 557/8-50 8 - 50 pF 9.25 8.45 7.90 7.25 Add

Fuses For Collins
Part Number Description Price Each Price (5+) Price (25+)  
(FUS) AGC-2 2 amp, Glass Fuse 1.00 0.75 0.65 Add
(FUS) AGC-3 3 amp, Glass Fuse 1.00 0.75 0.65 Add
(FUS) AGC-4 4 amp, Glass Fuse - - SOLD OUT
(FUS) AGC-8 8 amp, Glass Fuse - - SOLD OUT
(FUS) F03-10 10 amp, Ceramic Fuse 1.25 1.00 0.90 Add
(FUS) F03-20 20 amp, Ceramic Fuse SOLD OUT