Collins: KWM / HF-380 Accessories
KWM380 Keypad
These are the final remnants of the KWM380 keypad manufacturing we did back in the 90's. The keypad is a new brass casting and seems to be fine. Hard to say why it was left over so I am slightly skeptical. Buy at your own risk. I have 2 keypads which I'm including. One or both probably work. One has a broken mounting pin and the other has solder on the pins for some reason. Instructions included. Includes a can of KWM-380 cabinet paint. This is an as-is sale. NOTE: If you are stuck on the connecting cable we can find the sleeving and string 9 wires in it for $50.
KWM-380 Keypad
An original, unused KWM-380 keypad!! By Collins Manufacturer. Only one available.
*** SOLD OUT ***
CU-281 Automatic
Antenna Coupler
(COL) 622-3533-001
Collins all band auto tuner made specifically for HF-281 should work with any radio. UHF unabalanced input connector, high voltage insulated standoff for single wire output to feed vertical or wire antenna. No manual.
$475 each

Collins Manuals

Part Number Description Price Each  
(PUB) COL-KW380/O KWM-380 Operator's Manual, reproduction 25.00 Add
(PUB) COL-KWM380 KWM-380 Service Manual, reproduction 149.00 Add
(PUB) COL-HF380 HF-380 Service Manual, reproduction 249.00 Add
(PUB) COL-KWM380TM KWM-380 Training Manual, reproduction 99.00 Add


KWM / HF-380

Our once vast supply of thousands of 380 filters has dwindled to just a few dozen. This will be your last chance to filter up your set.
Part Number Description Price Each  
(COL) 642-2439-001 360 Hz CW filter, AC-3810. Reduced price! 79.00 Add
(COL) 642-2441-001 1.7 KHz ssb/data/rtty filter, AC-3812. Reduced price. 79.00 Add