Collins: KWM / HF-380 Switches & Pots
Switch Banks
(COL) 266-7508-350
Rockwell Frequency selector ganged push button assembly for the KWM-380 or HF-380. Positions 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 interlocked and position 2 momentary. Alt P/N: 6XF12-55DBLK2UGR NSN: 5930-01-271-2273.
$22 each
(COL) 266-7508-340
Rockwell MOV, VOX, NB, PROC, AGC, SLOW ganged push button assembly for the KWM-380 or HF-380. Independent switch action. Alt P/N: 6XF12-5FSDBLK2UE NSN: 5930-01-271-2274.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Mic Gain Pot
(COL) 376-0276-030
Mic gain pot for 380. Popular replacement part.
$19 each
AF / RF Gain Pot
(COL) 376-0276-050
Audio and RF gain pot for 380. 4k to 60K ohm. Stock up on spares while they last.
$18 each
Selectivity Pot
(COL) 259-8018-030
Selectivity pot for 380.
$15 each
Meter, Mode & VFO Switch
(COL) 259-2936-030
Meter, Mode and VFO switch. 1P4T.
$8 each
Toggle Switch
20 Amp
(COL) 266-5424-010
Cutler-Hammer heavy duty toggle. 20 amp. Use as replacement for 380 or for your own project.
$22.75 each
380 Black Trim Nuts
(HWN) BN716T
5/32" thick, 7/16" nut fits KWM380 toggle or other cosmetic application. Nut is aluminum. Color is "blued" black.
$2 each
(HWN) BN38
3/8" nut fits audio jack, pots.
50¢ each
(HWN) BN716
7/16" nut fits toggle above.
50¢ each