Collins: KWM / HF-380 Boards
Oscillator Oven
(COL) 638-6918-001
HF-380 high stability oscillator oven board replaces crystal oscillator board in KWM-380. Standard equipment in the HF-380.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Oscillator Oven
(COL) 277-0494-020
Replacement oven for oscillator oven board as used in HF-380. Supplies 39.6 MHz and 4.55 MHz (which is divided by 10 for 455 KHz source). Requires 5 and 14 vdc.
$149 each
Low Pass Filter
(COL) 638-6904-001
Low pass filter board is standard equipment in the HF-380 and can be added to the KWM-380 for coverage of additional bands: 2-3 MHz, 5-7 MHz, 4-5 MHz, 10-14 MHz.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Multi-Vibrator Power Supply
24 vdc
(COL) 638-6275-001
We finally found them! This is the "001" board but works just fine. Don't be without a spare. Tested and tagged by Collins.
$125 each
Conversion Kit
Kit includes everything you need for conversion from KWM to HF-380.
  • A3 Low Pass Filter
  • Oscillator Oven
  • Kiron M2A for HF-380
  • "HF-380" Emblem
  • Complete Instructions
  • Save $100 with Kit
*** SOLD OUT ***
380 Control Board
(COL) 638-6929-000
Control card received as you see, about 85% complete.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Crystal Oscillator
(COL) 638-6924-001
A7 crystal oscillator 100% complete and inspected by Rockwell... ready to go. Use as an emergency backup for your 380 or as a start for your own L.O. Board, generates 39.6 MHz, 455 KHz and 454.2 KHz (800 Hz offset for CW tone). Frequencies are slightly adjustable. Requires only 5 vdc.
$49 each
PA Board
(COL) 638-6775-001
PA board was received by Surplus Sales of Nebraska from Collins about 75% complete. In addition to the parts you see, we have a kit of additional parts including transformers, baluns, ics, etc...(not 100%).
$95 each
(COL) 638-6775-KIT
Kit of parts for PA.
$95 each
Other KWM / HF-380 Boards
Part Number Description Price Each
(COL) 638-6788-001 Directional Coupler, 75% 49.00 Add
(COL) 638-6908-002 Receiver / Exciter, empty 3.00 Add
(COL) 638-6920-001 Synthesizer, Loop A2, empty 10.00 Add
(COL) 638-6931-001 Display Board, empty SOLD OUT