Collins: 32V
2" Winged Emblem reproduction is RIGHT ON!!! Perfectly original from correct red / orange paint to #8 flush studs on back. Also fits 30S-1, 75A series and all black box accessories. Makes a great tie clasp as well (after a fashion).
*** SOLD OUT ***
Raytheon 4D32
Very Hard to Find Transmitting Tube
(TUT) 4D32
New in the Box!! Transmitting tube, fits Collins: 32V-1, 32V-2, 32V-3. 1977 date codes.
$59 each - $55 (3+), $52.75 (13+)
2 Pin Offset Inline Male
Microphone Connector
(CNA) 80MC2M
Two pin microphone connector. Fits vintage Collins, Heath, etc. Made by Cooper Instrument.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Collins 32V Manuals
Part Number Description Price Each  
(PUB) COL-32V-1 Photocopied Manual 49.00 Add
(PUB) COL-32V-2 Original Manual SOLD OUT
(PUB) COL-32V-2C Photocopied Manual 49.00 Add
(PUB) COL-32V-3 Photocopied Manual 49.00 Add