Chassis Slides
3 Stage Heavy Duty Chassis Slide
(HWX) 5024-0040
3 stage heavy duty chassis slide with hardware and trimp. 43-1/2" maximum length. 22-1/4" collapsed length. 13-1/4"L mounting rail. 21-1/4" x 2-1/4" mounting centers. Safety release at each stage lock. Ships with left / right pair. NSN: 5826-00-306-7227.
$65 p/pair
Chassis Slide Kit
(HWX) RMM-800T
Accuride chassis slide kit. 200 lbs capacity. 21-3/4"L x 1-3/8", 38"L extended. Sold as a pair with brackets.
$35 each
Locking 3 Stage Chassis Slide
(HWX) E2P-750
Dynaslide rackmount slide kit. Locking 3 stage chass slide. 200 lbs capacity. 1-1/2"W. 21-1/4" collapsed (adjustable 20-1/2" - 24"), 41-1/2" extended. Includes hardware, rack brackets and a pair of slides.
$49 each
Drawer Chassis Slide Kit
(HWX) C-300-S-126
General Devices drawer chassis slide kit. 80 lbs capacity. 27"L. Steel.
$85 each
Heavy Duty Slide Kit
(HWX) 1494-0016
Chassis Trak heavy duty slide kit. 3 stage. 150 lbs rating. 24-3/4" collapsed length, 45-1/4" extended length. Includes aux brackets. Rear mounting bracket: 4" c-c. Front mounting bracket: 4-3/4" c-c. Brackets 24-1/4" separated centers. Made for Hewlett Packard.
$139 each
Chassis Slide
(HWX) 1213686-00
Accuride chassis slide. One pair. Left & right. 25" long collapsed. 4' 5" fully extended. 4"H x 1-1/4" thick. Rev-B-R. Sold in pairs as a set.
$49 p/pair - $43 (3+ pairs)
Heavy Duty
Chassis Slide
(HWX) 3550-OLOOO-4761
Barnes Engineering Co. chassis slide bracket. 3 section. Stainless steel. 150 lb capacity. Ball bearings. Locks at each stage. 10" collapsed length. 21-1/4" extended length. Sold in pairs.
$27.95 p/pair - $25 (3+ pairs)
Telescoping Slide
(HWX) CC3701-00-0140
General Devices ChassisTrak® telescoping slide. 2 section. Ultra thin. 80 lb rating. 16" long nestled, 1-1/2" high, 14" extension travel. Includes hardware. Sold in pairs.
$25 per pair
Heavy Duty
Chassis Slide
(HWX) SL11
Heavy duty chassis slide. Aluminum. 3 section. 4 mounting holes for equipment. 5 mounting holes for slide to rack. 2.188" x 1.091" x 15"L collapsed. 31"L extended. Used, removed. NOTE: Sold in pairs.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Stainless Steel / Heavy Duty
Chassis Slide
(ENC) C-4005
General Devices "Vent-Rak" chassis slide. Spring loaded, swing arm, cable retractor. Maintains cables with tension on rack mount equipment when slides extend. 19" travel. Spring swings 150º as well.
$39 each
Steel Chassis Slide
with Rotating End
Steel chassis slides. Easy sliding, very rigid. 3/8"W x 3-1/16"H. Closed length of 20-5/8", open length of 41-3/8", angle height of 6-1/2". 180 degree turn on angle end, three different locking positions for angle. Lock-out groove for safe operation.
$150 per pair
Complete Chassis
Slide System
(HWX) RK5790
High quality chassis slides with brushed aluminum handles and side ears provide everything you need to rack mount almost any piece of equipment up to 75 pounds. Rack up any radio gear, video equipment or computer equipment. Complete step by step instructions included.

• Minimum of 7" rack space required
(4 units)
• 75 pounds (34 kg) maximum allowable weight
• EIA RS-310 standard hole pattern
• 20" nestled length, 41" extended length
• 3 stage rails lock in each position

$20 per set - $17.50 (3 sets +)
47" Deluxe
Chassis Slide
(HWX) 110QD-22-A-2
Jonathan Manufacturing plated steel 3 stage chassis slides. Ball bearing for easy sliding with the heaviest loads. 3/8" thick, 3-1/4" height. Closed length of 22-1/4", open length of 47".

Handy locking safety catch holds equipment in extended position until finger latch is lifted. Mounting ear slots are EIA matched to rails and equipment.

$90 per pair
Aluminum / Heavy Duty
Chassis Slide
1"W x 3-1/2"H. Closed length 24", extended length 52". 3-stage chassis slide with locking pin. Cast aluminum, very sturdy.
$150 each
Small Steel
Chassis Slide
Accuride steel chassis slide. Small, but sturdy. Ball bearing driven. 3/8"W x 1-3/8"H. Closed length 7-1/2", open length 12-1/2".
$9.95 per pair
General Devices Chassis Trak®
One-Stage / Steel
Chassis Trak D202-5-G chassis slide. 3/8"W x 1-11/16"H. 20" closed length, 33" open length.
$12 each
Steel One Stage
Chassis Slide
Ball bearing driven chassis slide. 5/16"W x 1-3/8"H. 23" closed length, 40" open length.
$15.95 per pair
2 Stage Steel Chassis Slide
(HWX) C300-10/12/14
Two stage steel chassis slide. Locks in two positions. No bearings. 14" long nestled. 29" long extended. 1.69" high. Sold in pairs.
$29 per pair
Barnes Slim Trak
Barnes slim trak 3-stage chassis slide. 1-1/2"W x 45"L extended. 22" closed length. Each section locking.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Chassis Slide Hardware Set
(HWX) CA8600-PM-0012
General Devices Inc. chassis slide hardware set. 6 screws, 6 locking nuts. For "Chassis Trak" and "Vent Rak" equipment. NOS. Mfg. packaging.
$3.95 each - $3 (25+)
Chassis Slide Hardware Set
(HWX) CA8600-PM-0008
General Devices Inc. chassis slide hardware set. 10 screws, 10 locking nuts. For "Chassis Trak" and "Vent Rak" equipment. NOS. Mfg. packaging.
$4.95 each - $4 (25+)