Aircraft, Horn, Microwave Antennas
Precision Flared Horn Antenna
8.2 - 12.4 GHz
(MWY) 844X-2
Vega precision flared horn antenna. 8.2 - 12.4 GHz. "TNC" female connector. Horn opening measures: 2-11/16" x 3/4".
Loop Antenna
(ANT) LO-105
Loop antenna. "BNC" female connector. Rubber / plastic coated. 9" total length. 3.75" loop outside diameter.
Aircraft Loop Antenna
Bendix Radio
(ANT) MN-20E
Bendix Radio aircraft loop antenna. Type MN-20E. Circa 1950. Mechanically rotatable via splines on bottom. 5" x 10" base, 9" loop. New, but worn.
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OA-493 / APS-20
Parabolic Dish
Includes AS-539 Horn
(ANT) OA-493
Brand new in the crates! APS-20 Parabolic Dish. Use AS-539 Horn. 38-3/4" high, 102-1/2" wide. Aluminum dish, black anodized, on swivel base. APS-20 radar systems were the heart of WWII surveillance, used in the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress and P2V-2S Neptune.
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Horn Antenna
"C" Connector
(MWY) AS-539
Riganas 539/APS-20HZL horn assembly is available stand alone without reflector. "C" male connector on feed end. Part of APS-20 WWII radar system.
$89 each
59" Horn Antenna
"C" Connector
(MWY) SIG-102-59
Pickard & Burns microwave horn antenna is 59" long and opens to 26" diameter. "C" connectors can be seen on feed end (right). Solid mast mount on bottom. Only 2 in stock. New in crates.
$695 each
Aircraft Antenna Horn
"TNC" Connector
(MWY) 566D201-1
Nurad aircraft antenna horn. 1-5/8" x 2-1/2" opening. 6" long body. "TNC' connector on feed.
$295 each
Aircraft Antenna Horn
"TNC" Connector
(MWY) 566D301-1
Nurad aircraft antenna horn. 3" x 4-1/8" opening. 8" long body. "TNC" connector on feed.
$495 each
Slot Antenna
12.4 - 18 GHz
(MWY) CA100A
Sanders slot antenna is a compact, (2-1/4" x 4" x 1/2") antenna made to surface mount with 1-1/4" x 3" window feeding through wall. WR-62 bolt up flange.
$195 each
1500 Watt Counter Measures
50 - 250 MHz Coupler
(RF) 292068P1
Lockheed aircraft counter measures antenna coupler. 1500 watt. 50 - 250 MHz coupler. Current price $2,100, our price...
$250 each
Racal Marine Radar LTD
Turning Unit
(EQP) 65361/MAA
Crated, new Racal antenna turning unit. Standard: 4.2m. Steering: 2.6m. Date coded 1/84. Only 1 available.
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RCA Radar Antenna Unit
115v / 60 Hz
(ANT) MI555915
RCA heavy duty weatherproof ship board radar antenna turning unit. 115v, 60 Hz operation. 18" x 27" base box. Rotating plate is 8-1/2" x 24". 364 pounds gross weight. We have these new in the crate.
$1,179 each
Hurricane Discone
1435 - 2300 MHz
(MWY) 19050-5
Andrew broadband discone antenna designed to handle full power of 560 transmission line, 7/8" EIA flange input, suitable for highly corrosive atmospheres. 3-3/4" diameter x 13-1/2" long.
$250 each
Aircraft Fin Antenna
1250 MHz
(COL) 548-3259-003
Collins broadband aircraft fin antenna handles high power pulse transmissions. HN connector. 3-3/4" high x 3-3/4" wide.
$79 each
Glide Path Antenna
(RF) L200323-1
Bendix all silver plated antenna glideslope box. Type MN-92A. "N" connector. 4" x 5".
$75 each
Aircraft Horn Antenna
(MWY) 380D101-1
AS-2838/A broadband aircraft horn antenna. "TNC" connector. 3-3/8" x 5-3/8" horn opening, 13" long.
$495 each
Horn Antenna
(MWY) 039418
All silver plated horn antenna. 2-3/4" x 4-3/16" horn opening. "N" connector. 5" long body.
$225 each
AN / APS-3 X Band
18-1/2" Dish
Nice directional X-Band motorized dish. Naval surplus. Waveguide fitting has round fine threaded fitting.
Freq Range: 8.2 - 12.4 GHz
Power Requirement: 27.5 vdc, 3 amps
RF Connector: WR-90, round
$995 each
Horn Waveguide
9.4 - 9.9 GHz
(MWY) 1953-1009
Aluminum horn waveguide. 10.75" long x 9.875" high x 1.625" wide. 1" x 5.625" mouth width. New.
$230 each
Miltary Dipole Bi-Directional Antenna
3 GHz / 50 ohms
(ANT) AS-23/AP
Military dipole bi-directional antenna. 3 GHz, 50 ohms. Mounting bracket has unthreaded holes, 0.136" diameter. "N" female connector. 3.812"L x 1.062"H x 2.187"W. NSN: 5985-00-093-5619.
$95 each