Antenna Baluns & Center Insulators
Long Wire Simulator: Dummyload
100w / 300 ohm
(ANT) RDL-100/300U
Barker & Williamson long wire simulator: Dummyload. 100 watt, 300 ohm. Weather tight enclosure. 9-1/2" x 11-1/2" x 4-1/4" high. Uses (4) 75 ohm, 25 watt carborundum resistors.
$149 each
Banana Jack Coupler
(MWC) 92192-3
Ailtech 2-1/4" Inner diameter housing with internal fine threads originally made to screw to antenna termination. Top has one red plastic and one silver plated banana jack.
$15 each
3 KW Balun
52 Ohm: 52 Ohm
(ANT) 3K1080
Telrex 1:1 balun. 10-80 meters. 52 ohm unbalanced input (coax) to balanced output (dipole). Excellent condition.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Hygain Baluns
(ANT) HY-242
A BN86, 50 ohm, 1500w balun is the bread and butter of all baluns. Clamp to a yagi or hang at the dipole center.
*** SOLD OUT ***