Avionic Instruments

Oil Pressure Indicator
26v / 400 Hz
(MTR) 10011-01
Malwin Electronics oil pressure indicator. 26v, 400 Hz. Made in the USA. DC: 4/88. Alt. P/N: 3571811-3001. NSN: 6620-00-491-3818.
Phase Sequence Indicator
200v / 3 Phase / 400 Hz
(MTR) 8901975G3
General Electric phase sequence indicator. Verifies correct phase sequence for 3 phase aircraft power system. 200v, 3 phase, 400 Hz rating. Neon indicator lamps. 2-3/8" x 2-3/8", 2-1/4" behind panel depth. General Electric Part Number: 8901975G3.
$75 each - $65 (6+), $57 (25+)
Temperature Indicator
100 - 1200ºC
(MTR) 182-022A
Avien temperature indicator, synchro. 100 - 1200ºC. Model MJ-8. 3-1/4"D x 2-7/8"L. Circa 1956. New, unused.
$25 each - $21 (6+)
0.5 to 1.5 Mach
(MTR) 2115-800
Burton Machmeter. Measures Mach number 0.5 to 1.5 Mach. 3-1/4" x 3-1/4" x 6"L. New, unused but shelf worn.
$89 each
Control Flight Vertical Gyro
(EQP) 656518
Sperry control flight vertical gyro. Auto pilot. Type E-4 / A12D. In use during the 1940's - 1950's. 9"D x 6-1/2"H.

When power is applied and unit is in flight, gyro produces signals for the autopilot system on flight deck. Gyro should be operational and will make a great project or display. Our units are complete and have not been pilfered.
$119 each - $100 (3+)
Grimes Aircraft Light
(LMP) AN3097-2
Grimes aircraft Model E-1 upward recognition light. 28v. Brand new in the box!! Grimes P/N: B-2115-24.
$149 each
Avionic Panel Lens
(LMP) 25-0021-2075
Grimes avionic panel lens. "R. Fuel Low". For Chinook CH-47 helicopter panel controls. NOS. New in package. DC: 5/83. NSN: 6210-01-129-7005.
$75 each
Avionic Panel Lens
(LMP) 25-0021-1166
Grimes avionic panel lens. "APU On". For Chinook CH-47 helicopter panel controls. DC: 8/83. NSN: 6210-01-129-6999.
$75 each
Avionic Panel Lens
(LMP) R10916-05
Teledyne, Inc. avionic panel lens. DC: 1981. NSN: 6210-00-103-0473.
$85 each
Indicator Light Lens
(COL) 547-2743-003
Rockwell Collins indicator light lens. Edgewise, smooth back and face. Plastic. 2.875"L x 0.219"H x 0.25"W.
$45 each
Aircraft Navigational Light
(LMP) MS25318-3
Multi-Spec Products Corp. aircraft navigational light. Lamp / bulb not included. Yellow, transparent lens. Fixed beam. Aluminum body, plastic lens, 3 wire lead. 25v DC. 3.37"L x 2.187" diameter. New surplus. NSN: 6220-00-944-1345. Date code: 1993.
$75 each
Dual Carburetor Thermometer
12 - 24v DC
(MTR) 10499-A
Avionic dual carburetor thermometer. 12 - 24v DC. 3"D x 2-3/4" depth. Used, removed. Excellent condiction. Alt. P/N: AN-5795-6.
$65 each
Aviation Hydraulic Pressure Gauge
(MTG) G732-03A
Maxwell, Manning & Moore / GE aviation hydraulic pressure gauge. 0 - 2000 psi. 2-1/8"D, 1-1/4" behind panel depth. 1-7/8" hole centers. 1/8" flare input. New, old stock.
$25 each
Nom Filter
(LMP) 25-0259-13
Honeywell / Grimes nom filter. "Engine Ice Det". Lettering is yellow when lit. NSN: 6220-00-917-0690. Mfg. Grimes Aerospace.
$45 each
Push-Button Panel Switches
Lot of 3
(SWP) C200U4CD
Safran Power pushbutton panel switches. Lot of 3, new in packaging. Sleek aluminum bezel with black button. 230v AC, 24v DC, 7 amp DC, 7.5 amp AC. 2 circuit double break / make, 1 position momentary. Audible "Click". Bushing mount. 0.56"D x 0.374"L. 0.188" actuator (button) height. 4 solder tabs. NOS, Aviation. DC: 8/91. NSN: 5930-00-771-0859. Made in the USA.
Avionic Thermostatic Switch
(SWH) G4-1
United Controls avionic thermostatic switch. Duct therm switch. All chrome plated, copper construction. 1.75"D flange. Sundstrand. New-Surplus. Made in 1959.
NSN: 5930-327-8019.
$650 each
Undervoltage Relay
(KO) 402SX
Wilmar Electronics undervoltage relay with adjustable drop-out point. One normally closed & one normally open contact, 2 amp. 120 vac, 400 Hz. 3-1/2" x 3" x 3"H. 3.9" x 3.5" base plate.
$150 each
Left-Right Bendix
Indicator Compass
(MTR) 1N4A
Sparton left - right Bendix indicator compass. Requires 3-1/8" diameter hole. 2-5/8" behind panel depth. Made in the 1940s - 1950s. Part of the BENDIX MN-26 Navigational Radio Set, see also (MTR) MN-22A. New, unused!!
$109 each - $89 (3+)
Dual LED Bar Graph
Build your own aircraft carrier...well its a start. Dual LED bar graph. Dynamic and static "Commanded Hook Touch Down Point" indicator. Dual, 100 light LEDs to show distances in feet from starting point. Driven by three SN74145 BCD to decimal ICs and a Motorola SC404000P. The unit consists of a driver board for each LED row that plugs into the dual display board. NOTE: 2 BCD values will select and light 1 LED in a row. New, unused. NSN: 6350-01-311-6625.
$150 each
Bendix Amplifier
115v / 400 Hz
(EQP) 12077-1A
Bendix amplifier. 115v, 400 Hz. Used, removed. Sold as-is.
$25 each
Bendix Radio
Antique Loop Azimuth Indicator
Collector's Item
(MTR) MN-22A
Bendix Radio compass faces "Loop Azimuth Indicators" have a fixed 0-360 degree scale on the outer ring, a movable center ring 0-360 scale that rotates with large knob on lower right (7 o'clock) of face. 5-1/8" across and 2" deep. Side aluminating 28v lights (10 and 5 o'clock) can be changed from top.

Dial is driven at recessed gear as shown on detail. Originally syncho motors accomplished this. New in the box. Dated Feburary 16, 1944. Part of the BENDIX MN-26 Navigational Radio Set, see also (MTR) 1N4A.
$99 each
Induction Compass Indicator
(EQP) 1241-1
BuAer for US Navy induction compass indicator. Model 8KD1ANSUB1, Stock #R88-I-1651-100-000. Made in the USA, General Electric NP 154932. 115v, 400 cycles, 3 phase. Appears to have been pulled and overhauled. S/N: M16644. NSN: 6605-00-514-4164.
$2,224 each
Compass Indicator
(EQP) I-65-D
Bendix Radio USA pre WWII Signal Corps compass indicator. Part of the SCR-280-A radio compass system. Used in Douglas C-47 Skytrain, et al. Has PL118 connector on back side. 3.25"D x 4"L. Circa 1940.
$45 each
Antique Remote Control Unit
(EQP) MN-28C
Antique Bendix Radio MN-28C remote control unit for radio compass MN-26. Made by Bendix Radio by Northern Electric, Canada. WWII era aviation equipment. New in original box. Limited supply.
$175 each
Red Lens
(LMP) M24560-15-002
Kopp Glass red lens. Flange mount. 4.75"L x 3.87"D. U.S. Government aviation surplus. Alt. P/N: MG2566-6250, MIL-L-24560/15. NSN: 6220-01-067-0629.
$165 each
Landing Light Canopy
(LMP) B3847
Landing light canopy. Aluminum. 8" diameter. NSN: 6220-00-225-1732.
$35 each
Grimes Landing Light
28 vdc
(LMP) 50-0076-1
Grimes landing light. 28 vdc. 8" diameter. Re-conditioned. NSN: 6220-00-397-6823.
$150 each
400 Hz Transducer
(MTR) 3188
400 Hz transducer. Converts @ 0 - 115 vac, 380 - 420 Hz input to a 0 - 1 madc output signal to drive a standard panel meter. 10 - 32 stud posts in / out. 2-5/8" diameter x 3" high. Useful for any avionic or other 400 Hz power user to monitor line voltage.
$15 each - $13 (3+)