Aircraft Parts

Johnathan Cable Retractor Arm
(COL) 015-1035-010
Johnathan cable retractor arm. Spring loaded pivots. 12" & 14" arms. 4 hole mounting flange.
$50 each
Semco Switched Starter Motor Power Resistor
(RWF) MIS6000-5-ID
Semco switched starter motor power resistor. 5" x 5" x 3-3/4"H. New in the box. Alt. P/N: 43945-1A. NSN: 5905-01-053-1399.
$1,499 each
Prop Feather Switch
(SWP) 5200
Airite Products Inc. prop feather switch. Controlled prop - pitch motor on 1940's - 1960's aircraft. Contacts make and break when knob is pushed or pulled. Lighted knob appears to be 12v. Requires 5/8"D panel opening, 4" behind panel depth. 18 terminals - some strapped, chrome plated, some not. New, unused.
$175 each
Jack Box w/Cap and
Retainer Chain
(CNA) 7016624G1
General Electric jack box with cap and retainer chain for aircraft industry. Anodized aluminum. 1.5" cable entrance. 2" outside diameter. J9-1C jack contact arrangement. NSN: 5935-00-539-0327.
$85 each
HV Power Supply
(PS) 4032704-901
Honeywell aerospace HV power supply. 10kv. 3.335" x 3.095" x 1.425"H. Alt. P/N: N00383-88-G-K031-0002. NSN: 6130-01-097-5192.
$1,500 each
Autopilot Component Control
(EQP) 101617-01
Lear Inc. autopilot component control, follow-up, displacement and rate. Type MB-3. Exhibit WCL-659. Includes generator 15G-06-F-1. Overhauled and in storage since 1960.
$95 each
Aircraft Switch Guard
(SWZ) 218-37682-1
Vought Aircraft aircraft switch guard. Aluminum. 2.06" c-c mounting. 2.41" overall length, 0.89" overall width. NSN: 5930-00-613-5534.
$10 each
Aircraft Slide Rules
(MIS) J201A/B
Aircraft slide rules made by Rockwell for Sabreliner Division. NSN: 6685-00-076-0759.
$45 per set
Aircraft Solenoid
28 vdc Coil
(MOT) TD800
Hartman aircraft solenoid. 28 vdc coil. 3-3/8" x 3" x 2-1/4". Mfg. P/N: TD-800.
$25 each
Aircraft Switch Guard
(SWZ) 2101-332-4
Aircraft switch guard. Spring hinge. 45� maximum open angle. 0.938" x 1.461" glass window. 1.5" x 1.8" overall dimensions. Alt. P/N: 251-14647-004. NSN: 5930-00-993-9035.
$25 each
Aviation Hoist Boot Assembly
(MIS) 235-3008
Beechcraft Corporation aviation hoist boot assembly. Canvas / leather. New military surplus. NSN: 6115-00-308-2143.
$125 each
Toggle Switch Guard
(SWZ) MS25224-3
Toggle switch guard. Spring loaded. Cover locks up / down. Molded red cover, steel bracket (black). Switch not included. 1.812"L x 1.125"H x 0.75"W. 0.48" unthreaded mounting hole. NSN: 5930-00-617-9718.
$15 each
Aeroquip Grooved Coupling Clamp
(CLM) NH1000933-10
Aeroquip grooved coupling clamp. 2.5".
$97 each
Aluminum Spacer Shim
(MIS) 10060025
Honeywell, USA aluminum spacer shim. *Sold as 5 piece pack (as originally packaged). Non-magnetic, alloy scalloped edge, 8-1/8" cut-outs. 0.22mm thick, 4-7/8" DIA x 4-3/8" I.D. x 1/4" wide. Alt P/N: 562682-1. NSN: 5365-00-467-8090. Milspec-NOS.
$25 each
Avionic Mounting Clamp
(CLM) 9800-B
Marion Screw Production Co. stainless steel avionic mounting clamp. Type A-2. Adjustable range 3-1/16" to 3-3/16".
$10 each - $8.50 (10+), $7 (50+)
Avionic Mounting Clamp
(CLM) 9800-C
Marion Screw Production Co. stainless steel avionic mounting clamp. Adjustable range 3-1/16" to 3-3/16". Alt. P/N: AN5808-2. NSN: 5340-00-579-6359.
$12 each - $10.75 (10+), $9.50 (50+)
Drive Shaft Assembly with Outer Gimbal
Aviation Part
(SHW) 530905-1
Advanced Technical Corp. drive shaft assembly with outer gimbal. Aviation part. Radial bearings. Spline - male / female. 24" overall length. NSN: 3040-00-593-3883.
$25 each