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Low Voltage Transformers: 6 to 7 volts

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Primary: 117 volts
Secondary: 6.7 volts
(one 6.7V @ 4.1A, and one 6.7V @ 6.6A)

Merit filament transformer. Type A. Mounts horizontally. End bell passes through chassis. Wires under chassis. Can convert with L brackets.

Primary: 120 volts (?)
Secondary: 5/12 volts (?)
Dimensions: 3-1/4"L x 4"W x 4"H

RCA filament transformer. We have not completely figured out this transformer. No voltage markings. 110v(?) with auto transformer tap. 5 vct red-red / yellow-red & 12 vct, green-green / yellow-green. Primary has white, black, white / black, black / yellow & yellow wires. Electrostatically shielded. 100 watt core.

Primary: 115 volts
Secondary: 5/6.4 volts
(one 5V @ 6A, one 6.4V @ 9A, and one 6.4V @ 2.75A output)

Federal Telephone & Radio (FTR) power transformer. Shielded core. Sealed. Brand new in the box!!

Primary: 120 volts
Secondary: 6/6.3 volts
(one 6V @ 0.75A, one 6V @ 9.2A, and one 6.3V @ 5.2A)

Transformer Tech Inc. power transformer. Sealed.
NSN: 5950-00-581-8767.

Primary: 115 volts
Secondary: 6.3 volts
(one 6.3V @ 4.7A and one 6.3V @ 0.6A output)

Raytheon filament transformer. Hermetically sealed. Test volts: 1780 rms. Bottom terminals. 10-32 corner posts. New, old stock.

Primary: 230 volts
Secondary: 6.3 volts
(one 6.3V @ 0.32A, and two 6.3V @ 3A outputs)

Freed filament transformer. Hermetically sealed. Electro-statically shielded. 1500v RMS. NSN: 5950-00-236-0903.

Primary: 120/240 volts
Secondary: 6.3/12.6 volts @ 1.6A
Apparent Power: 126/252 VA

Signal Transformer Co. PC mount transformer.

Primary: 120 volts
Secondary: 6.3 volts @ 1A
Apparent Power: 6.3 VA

Osborne Transformer Corp. filament power transformer. Hermetically sealed. 8,000 dcwv. NSN: 5950-00-762-6693.

Primary: 105/115/125 volts
Secondary: 6.3 volts @ 10A
Apparent Power: 63 VA

Thordarson filament transformer. 1000wv. Hermetically sealed, electrostatically shielded.

Primary: 120/230 volts
Secondary: 6.5 volts @ 11A
Apparent Power: 71.5 VA

SNC filament transformer. Sealed, New!! Sunair P/N: 6032-300307.

Primary: 115 volts
Secondary: 5/6.3 volts
(5V c.t. @ 6A, 6.3V @ 6A, 6.3V @ 2A, 6.3V @ 1.2A, and 6.3V c.t. @ 1A)

Triad transformer, manufactured for RCA. Corner posts. Hermetically sealed.

Primary: 115/120/126 volts
Secondary: 6.6 volts
(one 6.6V @ 1A, and one 6.6V @ 10A)

GE Transformer filament transformer is hermetically sealed. Corner posts on bottom. 10 in stock. Used , removed.

Primary: 115 volts
Secondary: 11.6/12.4 volts
(11.6V c.t. @ 250mA with extra tap at 12.4V @ 600mA)

UTC power transformer. 535wv. Sealed. Shielded cores. Brand new in the box!! Made in 1955.

Primary: 220/460 volts
Secondary: 6/13.5/16/32/115 volts
(two 6V @ 10.5A, 13.5V @ 2.6A, 16V @ 600mA, 32V c.t. @ 1.5A, and 115V @ 800mA)

Berkshire low voltage transformer, 700v test. Sealed.

Primary: 117 volts 60 Hz
Secondary: 6.3/225/400 volts
three 6.3V @ (1.5A, 3A, and 6A), one 225V @ 25mA and one 400V DC @ 120mA

Central Transformer Co. transformer. Hermetically sealed. Four 1/4" corner studs and terminals on bottom.  117V AC 60Hz primary and miltiple secondaries.  Four 6.3V outputs at 1.5 amp, 3 amp, and 6 amp.  One 225V AC output at 25 milliamps, and One 400V AC at 120 milliamps.  In the olden days, transformers commonly specified output voltage in DC assuming the user would be adding full bridge rectifiers. So the 400V DC @ 120mA would be the final output capability of this transformer.  AC output at the coil of the transformer will be slightly more.

Primary: 120/240 volts
Secondary: 3.15/5/6.3/450/900 volts
one 5V @ 3A, one 6.3V c.t. @ 5A, and one 900V c.t. @ 200mA

Transformer NSN: 5950-00-856-4476. Two 120 volt A/C (black, black/red and black/yellow, black/green) primary inputs to three secondary outputs 900 volt center tapped (red, red/yellow [c.t.], red), 6.3 volt center tapped @ 5 amps (green, green/yellow [c.t.], green), and 5 volt @ 3 amps (yellow, yellow).

Primary: 120/230 volts AC 50/60 Hz
Secondary: 6.3/14.8/64/195/390 volts (6.3v @ 3.6A, 14.8v @ 2A, 64v @ 100mA, 195 @ 500mA, and 195/390 @ 1.5A)
Apparent Power: 740 VA

Tortran vacuum tube amplifier transformer. Center epoxy potted with 3/8" mount hole. Dual primaries 115v (230v in series) 50/60Hz 740va. Five secondaries 390v C.T. at 1.5 amps, 195v at 0.5 amps, 14.8v at 2 amps, 6.3v at 3.6 amps, 64v at 0.1 amps. 6.1"DIA x 3"H, 14 lbs.

Primary: 110/230 volts 60 Hz
Secondary: 7/14 volts
(two 7V @ 500mA or one 7V @ 1A or one 14V @ 500mA)

110/230v 60Hz Primary; Two secondaries 7v, 500ma, (No load 9.5v, 3ma), 74% eff. For 110v supply power, primaries must be parallel; for 230v operation, primaries must be in series. OD: ID: x 21.5mm H

Primary: 95-125 volts
Secondary: 6.3 volts
Apparent Power: 17 VA

Sola constant voltage transformer. Threaded stud at each corner. Maintains a constant 6.3V on filaments. Makes a big difference if erratic voltage is normal.

Primary: 115 volts
Secondary: 6.3 volts
Apparent Power: 4 VA

Altec Lansing transformer. 60 Hz, 1kv Hi-pot. Hermetically sealed. 2-3/4" x 2-7/8" x 3-5/8"H. NSN: 5950-00-247-8112. Manufactured in 1973.

Primary: 120 volts
Secondary: 6.3 volts
Apparent Power: 6.2 VA

Filament Transformer. Hermetically sealed. 20k working volts. 3-1/2" mounting centers on flange. 3-1/2"D x 8-1/2"H overall, 2-3/8" insulators.

Primary: 208 volts
Dual Secondary: 6.3v @ 130mA
Dimensions: 2-1/2" x 3" x 4-3/16"H

ETC (Electronic Transformer Corp.) 3 phase filament transformer. Electrostatic shield, hermetically sealed. Primary: 208v, 3 phase, 60 Hz. Dual secondary: 6.3v @ 130mA. Filament #1: 6.3v @ 130mA Leads Vn-L1 by 40°. Filament #2: 6.3v @ 130mA Lags Vn-L1 by 50°.

Primary: 105/115 volts
Secondary: 6.3 volts
Apparent Power: 5 VA

UTC filament transformer. Hi-Pot. Primary: 105/115v AC @ 50/60 Hz, 1500v. Secondaries: 6.3v c.t. @ 5 amp, 3kv and 6.3v c.t. @ 5 amp, 3kv. Hermetically sealed. Bottom terminals. 3-7/8" x 2-9/16" CTC mounting holes centers. 4-3/8" x 3-1/4" x 3-3/4".