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Low Voltage Transformers: 1 to 4.9 volts

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Primary: 115 volts
Secondary: 2.5/6.5 volts
(two 2.5V @ 1.75A, one 6.5V @ 3A outputs)

Federal Telephone & Radio (FTR) power transformer. Sealed, ceramic terminals on bottom. 2,500v Hipot. Brand new in the box!!

Primary: 120/230 volts
Secondary: 2.8/5.3 volts
(2.8V c.t. @ 10A, 5.3V c.t. @ 15A)

UTC power transformer. 115V or 230V AC 60Hz input, 2.8V center tapped 10 Amp and 5.3V center tapped 15 Amp AC output. 2,000v Hipot. Used, removed. Only 2 available.