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High Voltage Transformers: 200 to 1499 volts

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Primary: 115 volts 50-65 Hz
Secondary: 595/850/895/1190/1700/1790 volts
Apparent Power: 350 VA

Federal Telephone & Radio (FTR) power transformer. Sealed. Shielded core. Part of Loren Timer Set AN/FFN-30. Brand new in the box!!

Primary: 120/240 volts
Secondary: 3.15/5/6.3/450/900 volts
one 5V @ 3A, one 6.3V c.t. @ 5A, and one 900V c.t. @ 200mA

Transformer NSN: 5950-00-856-4476. Two 120 volt A/C (black, black/red and black/yellow, black/green) primary inputs to three secondary outputs 900 volt center tapped (red, red/yellow [c.t.], red), 6.3 volt center tapped @ 5 amps (green, green/yellow [c.t.], green), and 5 volt @ 3 amps (yellow, yellow).

Primary: 120 volts 60 Hz
Secondary: 204 volts
Apparent Power: 102 VA

Open frame transformer.

Primary: 230 volts 3 Phase 50/60Hz
Secondary: 127.5/230/453/903 volts
127.5V @ 490mA, 230V @ 570mA, 453V @ 1.26A and 903V @ 410mA

Electro Engineering power transformer. New in wood crate. 94 lbs gross weight.

Primary: 120 volts 47-63 Hz
Secondary: 6.3/260 volts
one 6.3V @ 4A, one 260V @ 90mA

Freed hypersil transformer 260v, 90 milliamp output, also has 6.3v, 4 amp filament output.

Primary: 220/440 volts 60 Hz
Secondary: 300 volts @ 1.75A
Apparent Power: 525 VA

UTC power transformer. 2,000v Hipot. Only one available. Used, removed.

Primary: 120 volts 60 Hz
Secondary: 300 volts @ 400mA
Apparent Power: 120 VA

Open frame transformer rated 400 madc FW Bridge, Choke input.

Primary: 115/230 volts 50/60 Hz
Secondary: 275/310 volts
310V c.t. @ 350mA and 275V c.t. @ 1.15A

Collins transformer. Secondary marked "For Non-Continuous Duty Only". Hermetically sealed. Corner posts.

Primary: 115/230 volts
Secondary: 340 volts @ 8mA
Apparent Power: 2.7 VA

Thordarson transformer. Sealed. Top terminals. New!!

Primary: 24 volts
Secondary: 25/370/740 volts
one 25V @ 10mA and one 740V c.t. (370-0-370) @ 75mA

Thordarson plate / filament transformer. New!! Sealed, rounded corners. Made in the 1950's.

Primary: 117 volts 60 Hz
Secondary: 6.3/225/400 volts
three 6.3V @ (1.5A, 3A, and 6A), one 225V @ 25mA and one 400V DC @ 120mA

Central Transformer Co. transformer. Hermetically sealed. Four 1/4" corner studs and terminals on bottom.  117V AC 60Hz primary and miltiple secondaries.  Four 6.3V outputs at 1.5 amp, 3 amp, and 6 amp.  One 225V AC output at 25 milliamps, and One 400V AC at 120 milliamps.  In the olden days, transformers commonly specified output voltage in DC assuming the user would be adding full bridge rectifiers. So the 400V DC @ 120mA would be the final output capability of this transformer.  AC output at the coil of the transformer will be slightly more.

Primary: 115/230 volts 45-65 Hz
Secondary: 32.5/40/65/67.5/80/130/135/220/440 volts
65V c.t. @ 500mA, 80V c.t. @ 110mA, 135V c.t. @ 200mA, 440V c.t. @ 40mA and one 130V c.t. @ 30mA

Sealed transformer, terminals out bottom, corner posts. Multi-tapped secondary has common center tap with four outer windings: 440 vct @ 40 madc, 135 vct @ 200 madc, 80 vct @ 110 madc, 65 vct @ 500 madc + stand alone extra winding of 130 vct @ 30 madc. Hermetically sealed. Electrostatically shielded winding.

Primary: 120 volts 50-1000 Hz
Secondary: 625 volts @ 100mA
Apparent Power: 63 VA

High voltage transformer rated @ 100 ma rms, 1680 wv insulation @ 10k feet.

Primary: 105/115/125 volts 50/60 Hz
Secondary: 32/225/550 volts
one 400V c.t. @ 120mA and two 32V @ 80ma

Berkshire Transformer power transformer. Hermetically sealed. Terminals & posts on bottom. NSN: 5950-809-9164.

Primary: 120 volts
Secondary: 115/250/500 volts
500V c.t. @ 20mA and 115V @ 100mA

Freed transformer. Sealed. Mounts by bottom 10-32 tapped holes. Gold turret terminals on bottom. New!! Packed in 1960's foam rubber which reacted with finish. Must be repainted.
NSN: 5950-00-647-6471.

Primary: 108/117/125 volts 60 Hz
Secondary: 800 volts @ 100mA
Apparent Power: 80 VA

ADC high voltage transformer. Hermetically sealed. Damaged: broken terminals, bent and broken stud posts. Dented corner.

Primary: 208/240 volts
Secondary: 780/800 volts @ 350mA
Apparent Power: 280 VA

Kenyon Transformer Co. transformer. Used, clean. Alt. P/N: S-502365.

Primary: 115 volts
Secondary: 830 volts c.t. @ 60mA
Apparent Power: 48 VA

General Electric high voltage transformer. Sealed case with designer "bow" sides. They don't make 'em like this anymore. Made in 1946. NSN: 5950-00-556-6718.

Primary: 120 volts 50/60 Hz
Secondary: 960 volts @ 313mA
Apparent Power: 300 VA

Chicago transformer. Base mount, side terminals. 3500v test.

Primary: 208/220/254/360/380/440 volts 47-63 Hz
Secondary: 990 volts @ 2.29A
Apparent Power: 3820 VA

Basler screen / plate transformer. 3 phase, 990v L-L, 5 kva (max). Made for Scientific Radio 10 kw transmitter.  208/220/254/360/380/440V Delta or Wye primary input to 900V L-L RMS at 2.29 amp 3 phase secondary output. Rated 3.82K VA

Primary: 230/240 volts 50/60 Hz
Secondary: 850/900/950/1000 volts @ 2.4A
Apparent Power: 2400 VA

Basler HV transformer made for Gates Radio. P/N: BE02727-001, BE-02727-001.

Primary: 24 volts
Secondary: 1100 volts c.t. @ 100mA
Apparent Power: 110 VA

Thordarson power transformer. Mounting studs and terminals on bottom. Hermetically sealed.  4 bolt mounts on bottom

Primary: 105/110/115/120/125 volts 50/60 Hz
Secondary: 1100 volts @ 212mA
Apparent Power: 233 VA

Freed transformer made for "COLLINS RADIO COMPANY". Hermetically sealed. 3 holes in side flanges / mount at bottom. Truly Collin's quality, running at 212 ma this iron should double as a cooling plate for your soft drink. Plan on squeezing a little more out at full duty cycle! 2500v test. NSN: 5950-00-249-3201.

Primary: 220/440 volts 60 Hz
Secondary: 1160 volts @ 650mA
Apparent Power: 750 VA

UTC power transformer. 2,000v Hi-Pot. Used, removed. Only 2 available.

Primary: 120 volts 50/60 Hz
Primary also has 21V RMS @ 150mA
Secondary: 1400 volts c.t. @ 300mA

Freed high voltage transformer. Hermetically sealed. 3 holes in side flanges / mount at bottom. A real quality piece. It should handle rated power full duty cycle and intermittently 50% more.

Primary: 120/230 volts AC 50/60 Hz
Secondary: 6.3/14.8/64/195/390 volts (6.3v @ 3.6A, 14.8v @ 2A, 64v @ 100mA, 195 @ 500mA, and 195/390 @ 1.5A)
Apparent Power: 740 VA

Tortran vacuum tube amplifier transformer. Center epoxy potted with 3/8" mount hole. Dual primaries 115v (230v in series) 50/60Hz 740va. Five secondaries 390v C.T. at 1.5 amps, 195v at 0.5 amps, 14.8v at 2 amps, 6.3v at 3.6 amps, 64v at 0.1 amps. 6.1"DIA x 3"H, 14 lbs.

Primary: 115 volts
Secondary: 850 volts
Apparent Power: 2mA

Baltimore Transformer Co. power transformer. 115v AC primary. 850v AC secondary @ 2mA, 1200vw secondary. 4 wire hook terminals. 1-1/4" x 1-3/8", 8-32 studs mounting centers. Hermetically sealed. 1.9"L x 1.8"W x 2.75"H.

Primary: 120/240 volts
Secondary: 170/880/1140 volts
Dimensions: 3.6" x 3" x 4.3"H

Hewlett Packard vintage vacuum tube plate transformer. Primary: 120/240v. Secondary: 170/880/1140v. Hermetically sealed.

Primary: 115/230 volts
Secondaries: 250v @ 900mA, 205v @ 400mA
Dimensions: 4" x 4-5/8" x 5-1/4"

Hewlett Packard power transformer. Primary: 115/230v @ 50-1000 Hz. Secondaries: 250v @ 900mA & 205v @ 400mA. 4" x 4-5/8" x 5-1/4". 3" x 3-5/8" mounting centers on 1/4-20 studs. Turret terminals on bottom. Hermetically sealed. HP transformer for vacuum tube test equipment.