Open Frame
Typical variacs supplied by Surplus Sales are open. This one sports a knob and dial plate.
Enclosed variac has a metal shield around the winding area for protection of winding. Unit pictured is our (TV) VAR10-140E, which is enclosed and bench mount. Most enclosed units are NOT bench mount.
Dual, or multiple section variacs normally have two or more sections stacked and driven with a single shaft. Our motorized units then have a drive motor to turn the shaft. Unit pictured is our (TV) VAR10-120X2, a dual and enclosed unit. Duals or triple sections can be open or enclosed.

Variacs Listed
Part Number Rating Voltage Notes Price  
(TV) 9H60CB43X 3 amp 0 - 560v G.E. Volt Pac Input: 240v / 480v, New
Output: 0 to 480v / 560v, 50/60 Hz, 1 phase, (Pic)
399.00 Add
(TV) VAR9-240-3M 9 amp 0 to 240v 0 to 240v motorized, 3 phase, 60Hz, Used SOLD OUT
(TV) VAR10-120X3 10 amp 0 to 120v 3 phase, 60 Hz, Used 275.00 Add
(TV) W30HG2M 24 / 12 amp 0 - 280v /
0 - 560v
220 / 440v input, 280 / 560v output enclosed, Used
2 Independent 220v 12 amp variacs on 1 shaft
625.00 Add
(TV) 9T92A28 18 amp 0 to 140v 1 phase, dial, knob, NEW, (Pic) 219.00 Add
(TV) 5SMY54HB12GE - See notes Automatic, 3 phase, 7.28 kva, 208 input, 36v to 237v output 750.00 Add

Superior Electric Company Black Bakelite Knob
Superior Electric Company black bakelite knob. Pointer with white line. 3/8" bore. Aluminum insert with 2 set screws. 3.25" skirt diameter x 1"H. Very old, not perfect but close!
$49 each
General Radio Pointer
Knob for Variac
(KNB) KNS-20
General Radio pointer knob for variac. Black Bakelite. 5" skirt. 1.4"H. 3/4" bore, 1-1/4" deep. Bronze insert. Old, very good condition.
$85 each