Air Variable Capacitors: Differential

Differential Air Variable Capacitor
2.0 - 9.3 pF @ 1250v
(CAV) 160-305
Differential air variable capacitor. 2.0 -9.3 pF @ 1250v, 3/16" shaft, break away plates, bushing mount. In a differential, one capacitor section decreases while the other increases.
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Differential Air Variable Capacitor
2.7 - 19.6 pF
(CAV) 160-311-1
Differential air variable capacitor. 2.7 - 19.6 pF, 3/16" shaft, breakaway plates bushing mount.
$15 each - $12.75 (3+)
Differential Air Variable Capacitor
12 - 54 pF Each Section
(CAV) SA4082
National differential (one section makes while the other section breaks) air variable. 0.030" plate spacing for 1250v. 1/4" x 3/8" long shaft, double bearing. Mounts by bushing at shaft or by threaded holes in base. 2-1/4" max width, 2-1/2" max height. 2-1/4" depth behind bushing.

Plates are tapered for uniform capacity distribution during rotation. Complementary tapers increase capacity in one section while decreasing in other. Rotor is grounded at shaft end plus has a brush at rear. Each stator floats. New in boxes.
$59 each