Vacuum Tubes & Test Accessories
Vector Adapter Kit
(TUA) T-912C
Vector adaptor kit. Measure voltage or current without breaking leads. Includes T9R-C 9 pin Novar. T12-C 12 pin Compactron.
$150 each
RCA No. 2 Socket Adapter
12 pin - Adapts to Coaxial
(TUA) WG-457A-V2
RCA No. 2 socket adapter. 12 pin - adapts to coaxial. For use with WT-333A.
$75 each
Pomona Magnoval Socket Saver
9 Pin
(TUA) 1451
Pomona 9 pin magnoval socket saver.
$18 each
Pomona Socket Saver
(TUA) SS-12
Pomona socket saver for 12 pin compactron sockets.
$25 each
Walseo 7 Pin Tube Guides
15 per bag
(TUA) 1942
Walseo 7 pin tube guides. 15 per bag. Guides 7 pin tube into socket. Circa 1950's.
$8.75 each
Sub-mini Tube Test Socket
7 Pin
(TUA) CV49519
7 pin vacuum tube test socket makes service a snap. Probe tip nestles into hole on pad. 8 pin octal and 9 pin mini NOT available.
$18 each
Socket + Turret Base
7 Pin
7 pin miniature tube socket mounted on 1-1/8" post, terminated with turret base. Intended to mount under chassis with pressed nuts in ears.
$9 each
8 Pin Octal Plug
8 pin octal plug. Keyed. Tan plastic. 36" colored lead wires.
$8 each - $7 (5+)
6' Octal Jumper Cord
8 Pin
(WCC) 1000874
Gray 6' extension cable with 8 pin male octal each end. Reinforced keyway with wire guide on each end. Pins are connected 1 for 1 with #1 to #1, #2 to #2, etc. All wires are 20 AWG. Pins 1, 2 & 3 are unshielded. Pins 5, 6, 7 & 8 are shielded with foil and stranded #20 drain lead. All drain leads connect to pin 4.
$12 each - $10 (5+)
Binary Scaler
(TUA) 4SN1B1
General Electric binary scaler. Requires 9 pin vacuum tube. 1.35" diameter x 1.54". Octal base.
$25 each
Male Plug
12 Pin
12 pin male plug.
$1.50 each
Tube Britener
(TUA) SP100
Sylvania 110º base tube britener. Universal series, parallel. 7 pin base.
$10 each
(TUA) 750
Walsco Electronics Mfg. Co. Tube-NU "Picto-Cure". Model 750. Makes worn out picture tubes new again. Per literature, corrects 33 defects in all.
$10 each
Picture Tube Britener
(TUA) AP270
Anchor Model AP270 series universal parallel picture tube britener for Sylvania. 110º base. No instructions.
$10 each
Color TV Britener
(TUA) CB380
Antronic heavy duty 70º color TV britener for round tubes. Model CB-380. Restores brightness and contrast. Increases life of color tube. Instructions on the box.
$10 each