Manufacturing Aids

Jensen Tool Kit

JTK17WW Jenson Tool Kit
Jensen tool kit in roto-rugged wheeled case. Weighs 30 lbs. New, unused. (NOTE: See PDF file for complete list of tools).

Vintage Graphic Electronic
Symbol Template

(TLH) 0302ESTP
Vintage graphic electronic symbol template. Durable plastic.
$499 each
*** SOLD OUT ***

Heavy Duty Toolbox

(TLH) HM1630
Waterloo toolbox. Heavy duty steel construction. Lift-out plastic tray with dividers. Comfort grip handle. Lockable. Measures 16" x 7" x 7-1/2" high. Weighs 6 lbs.

Multi-Purpose Steel Toolbox

(TLH) 4113
Remline 13" multi-purpose steel toolbox. Cantilever tray. Red, rust resistant steel. 13-1/8" x 7-1/16" front to back x 7-1/4" high. Used, excellent shape.
$16 each - $14 (3+)
$12 each - $10 (3+)

Hartak Transiclamp

Hartak transiclamp. TO-5 size. Grip tool for installing TO5 size transistors and ICs. CIrca 1970s.

Universal Pick & Pry Tool

Universal pick and pry tool. Great for lifting IC's and cleaning circuit board traces. Pick is hardened steel and very sharp.
$10 each
$3 each - $2.50 (10+)

Nylon Prober

(TLH) 35618
Desco nylon prober, ESD. Blue. 7"L, 1/4"D. Pointed end, flat slot end. Suitable for use around ESD sensitive components. Made in the USA.

Printer's Squeegee

Printer's squeegee. For silk screening. 9" long. 2-1/2" wide handle.
$2 each - $1.90 (50+), $1.75 (100+)
$3 each

Epoxy gun

(TLH) G0-34464-1
Epoxy gun.

Lead Bender

(TLH) 104-1350
Lead bender. ESD safe. Component lead former makes for perfect spacing on your board. 0.25 - 1.12" spacing. Approved for E.S.D. Used, excess from Collins Radio.
$18 each
$5 each

Smart Roll Stencil Printing /
Cleaning Fabric

(TLH) 5601SA
JNJ Industries Smart Roll stencil printing / cleaning fabric. Fits Sanyo printer. 11" wide x 39 feet. 15 rolls per case.

Made from Dupont Sontara Cleanmaster stencil cleaning fabric, these rolls improve quality and productivity in PCB printing. Ideal for cleaning stencils with fine pitch apertures. Prevents smearing, bridging, solder balls and other problems associated with the stencil printing of solder paste onto PC boards. Tough, absorbant and resists tearing and shredding. Effectively removes residual solder paste, flux, inks and epoxies with or without solvent.


Understencil Wiping Roll

Chemtronics understencil wiping roll. For vacuum understencil wiping systems. For MPM printers. 17-1/2" wide. Core measures: 18"L (457mm), Inner Diameter: 1" (25mm).
$10 per roll - $8 (15+) (case)
$12 per roll

Storage End Cap

(TLH) 5113-B
EFD storage end cap. 30 / 55 cc for RTV. Minimum order on this item is 10 pcs.


Crown Non-Flammable
Propellent Sprā-Tool

(TLH) 8011
Crown non-flammable propellent sprā-tool. 13 oz.

NOTE: Aerosol cans CANNOT be shipped Internationally.
NOTE: Aerosol cans MUST be shipped via UPS Ground.

$1 for 10 pcs - 7¢ (100+)
$3.50 each

Mixing Tube Nozzle
"Mix Mach"

(TLH) 246-0424
Mixing tube nozzle. "Mix Mach".


Dispensing Tip

(TLH) 5114-B
EFD dispensing tip. Stainless steel. 14 gauge. 1" long. Tip precision SSI for RTV APP.
$1 each - 85¢ (10+)
50¢ each - 40¢ (10+)