T-Bar Relays

T-Bar Latching Relay
48 PDT

Form C - Latching

(KO) 907-48CG-24
48PDT T-bar multi-contact magnetic latching relay is pulse operated and magnetically bi-stable eliminating the power waste during long periods in an operated position and even more, the maintenance of circuit integrity during a power loss. It has two 12 vdc coils (50 ohms each) that can be wired in series for 24 vdc operation or parallel for 12 vdc operation! 2-3/8" wide x 1" x 3-9/16" high. Extra special gold and palladium contacts. One or more 12-contact sets can be removed to build other relay variations. 500 units available. Date code 80/81. New in original factory boxes.


T-Bar Latching Relay
24 PDT

Form C - Latching
(KO) 907-24C-24
24PDT T-bar multi-contact latching relay. 48 ohm, 24 vdc coil. Dimensions: 2-27/32" x 2-5/16" x 15/16".
$395 each - $375 (10+), $350 (50+)
$295 each

T-Bar 6 Pole Connector

Saves tedious soldering to T-Bar terminals. Use one connector for every 6 pole segment of a switch. For example, a 48 pole relay would use 8 connectors. Sold only with relays.

T-Bar Multi-Pole Relay
36 PDT / 12v DC

(KO) 901-36C-12
T-Bar multi-pole relay. 36PDT. 12 vdc coil. Gold contacts.
$23 each
$345 each

T-Bar Multi-Pole Relays
36 PDT / 28v DC


T-Bar Multi-Pole Relay
36 PDT / N.O. / 115v AC

(KO) 801-36A-115T
T-Bar multi-pole relay, 36PDT, normally open. 115 vac coil. 3" x 1" x 3-1/2" high. Gold contacts.
$75 each

T-Bar Multi-Pole Relay
48 PDT / 12v DC

(KO) 801-36C-28G55
T-Bar multi-pole relay, 36PDT. 28 vdc coil. Gold contacts.
(KO) 901-48C-12
T-Bar multi-pole relay, 48PDT. 12 vdc coil. Gold contacts.
$325 each
$495 each