RF Detectors

Detector Mount
3.95 - 5.85 GHz

(MWE) HP-G485B
Hewlett Packard  WR-187 (3.95 - 5.85 GHz) round waveguide opening is 0.872" x 1.872". Dial complete waveguide range. "BNC" output. Diode is not included. Brand new.

TS - 35A
Power Measuring Head

Diode Close up
(MWE) 3F49000
Western Electric power measuring head for TS-35A/APS . Diode mounted. Waveguide opening is 1/2" x 1-1/8". Flange is 1-1/4" x 2". All gold. Very high original cost.
$195 each
$25 each - $20 (10+)

Radio Frequency

(RF) SMD134224
Radio frequency detector. Adjustable frequency range. Contains peanut tube 5829WA, 6.3v filament. (see more images). "N" male input, "BNC" female output. Circa 1967. NSN: 6625-00-503-0703.

Dual Detector
7.05 - 12.4 GHz

Made by Western Electric, this device has two "N" female connectors at the elbow, on the short (8-1/2" end to center) side. The waveguide flange on this end is WR112 (1.88" square, 0.497" x 1.122" opening). Can't be sure if it is direct reading or diode mounts. WR-90 X-Band flange (1.63" square, 0.4" x 0.9" opening) on long (16" end to center) side. Nomenclature indicated "H" Bend.
$35 each
$125 each

Diode Detector Mount
WR-62 / 12.4 - 18 GHz

(RF) MA595DS
Microwave Associates diode detector mount. 12.4 - 18 GHz, WR-62 waveguide input flange, "BNC" output. Includes MA666 diode in mount.

Mixer / Detector
WR-90 / "BNC" Port

(RF) 801-1842
WR-90 mixer / detector. "BNC" port. Holder made for crystal diodes 1N21 / 1N23 (not included). NSN: 5961-00-760-4120. Gov't cost: $1,000. Our price...
$25 each
*** SOLD OUT ***

General Radio
Detector Tee

(RF) 874-VR
General Radio detector tee. Removable T for diode access. Locking adapter. Includes 1N25 style crystal microwave diode with wire connection.

General Radio
Detector Tee

(RF) 874-MR
General Radio detector tee. Removable T for diode access. Includes 1N25 style crystal microwave diode.
$95 each
$95 each