RF Amplifier Supplies

Sunair PS-1900A Kilowatt ++ Supply
2500 @ 1 amp Power Supply

(PS) PS1900A
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Brand new Sunair military brute strength power supply part of the GSL-1900A system that uses a single 4CX1500B. Easily stands alone to feed needed voltages to many different styles of amplifiers.

Plate Transformer: 2500v @ 1 amp out. 105 / 115 / 125 / 210 / 230 / 250 vac 50/60 Hz primary. This quality chunk of iron made by SNC.
Plate Choke: 8 Hy @ 1 amp
Oil Capacitor: 10 µF @ 4kv
Safety: Crowbar and high voltage protection circuits
Bias Voltage: 250 vdc bias and screen voltages
Control Voltage: 28 vdc 10 amp unregulated supply
Physical: 130 pounds, 18" x 21" x 10-1/4" high. Top and bottom covers snap on and off for easy access to components
Color: Olive drab of course

$1,395 each

SR-110 Power Supply
2500v to 3000v

(PS) AR-150A
Brand new Scientific Radio Systems Power Supply for the SR-110 Kilowatt Amplifier. Supplies 1 amp continuous. 19" wide (rack mount), very heavy. Get a load of the huge BASLER hypersil transformer. Some parts like rectifiers, oil cap and bleeder resistor are not included. Sold separately or with RF decks. Multi-tapped power transformer matches any input from 105, 115, 125, 210, 230 & 250 vac.

Power Supply Starter Kit
4000v / 2850v @ 3500 va

A real quality start for the HV power supply builder. 4000v / 2850v @ 3500 va new transformer, 230 vac primary; Hammond 196Y swinging choke, 3.5Hy @ 750 ma to 24 Hy # 75 ma, 6 kv; 16 µF @ 4500v oil cap all mounted in a new 15" x 16" x 22" high mini ventilated cabinet. Sliding chassis. Only one. All brand new, never used parts.
$795 each
$795 each

Amplifier Power

(EQP) AP-102
3000v @ 1 amp. This ETO built power supply originally powered medical equipment. The 1 amp rating is conservative on this Johnson Hypersil transformer. A separate 1800v @ 400 ma supply is also on board. Full racks of electrolytics, rectifiers + a dozen control relays for automatically stepping the primary up or down. Schematic included. 30 amp circuit breaker. 17" x 21" x 10" high. Sold as is. What you see is what you get. No sheet metal covers. Transformer ships separate.

Amplifier Power Supply
3500v @ 1.84 kva

(EQP) HFS-1000F
3500v @ 1.84 kva transformer in this brute supply made by CCA Electronics. Other parts include choke, caps, bleeders, etc. 208 / 240v, 1 phase, 14 amp / 12 amp input. Rack mount. Sold as is.
$850 each
$495 each