Miscellaneous Power Supplies

Hewlett Packard
Power Supply Programmer

(PS) HP59501B
The HP59501B power supply programmer is an isolated digital-to-analog converter designed to provide an interface between HP-IB and HP power supplies.

Output mode is unipolar 0 to 9.99v (low range 0 to 9.999v), Bipolar -10 to 9.98v (low range -1 to +0.998v).

DC output current 10 mA maximum. Resolution unipolar 10 mV (low range 1 mV), bipolar 20 mV (low range 2 mV).

Looks new!!

Xenon Lamp
Control Panel

(PS) 1340885-1
ORC / Ballantyne lighting control panel. Includes many useful parts and high quality parts.

• 4 circuit breakers including one 3 pole 25 amp(DC3-B0-24-625-13C-C), one 3 pole 15 amp(DC3-B0-24-615-131-C) and two 2 pole 3 amp (DC2-B0-24-430-131-C)
• Panel Meter 3-1/2" x 3", 1ma full scale, 0-60v and 0-120 amps actual scales
• Elapsed time indicator (HOUR METER) 120 vac, 30 ma
• DPDT 16 amp plug in relay, 48 vdc coil.
• Various other switches, lamps and goodies
• 5-1/4" x 19" wide (rack)

$195 each
$95 each

Power Supply
±30 vdc @ 1/4 - 1/2 amp

(PS) 942-7536
Gates power supply. Probably ±30 vdc @ 1/4 - 1/2 amp with remote voltage sense. 115 vac input. We do NOT have pin out / hook up / schematics. Fused. Linear. 4-1/2" x 5-1/2" x 2-1/2"H. Gates P/N: 942-7536-003.

Standard HT Rapid Charger

Standard HT rapid charger. New.
$8.95 each
$25 each

Lind Mobile Adapter for
Panasonic Toughbook

(PS) PA1650-1253
Lind mobile adapter for Panasonic Toughbook. Includes full cable set. Brand new in the box.

Input: 12 - 32 vdc, Fuse 15 amps
Output: 15.6 vdc @ 5 amps


Standard Handy Talkie
Desk Charger

Standard handy talkie desk charger. New, unused.
$95 each
$25 each

Voltage Standard

Have you ever needed an exact voltage standard to check your meter's accuracy? Here is an affordable such device. This chemical voltage standard measures 1.0193 volts at all times. 2-1/2" long.

Drop-in Charger

(PS) NLN6897B
Rapid desk charger for HT220 / HT210 / MT500 Motorola Handies. Rapidly charges battery until full, then maintains indefinately with a trickle. New.
$85 each
$45 each

Johnson / Evinrude
Universal Power Pack

(PS) 582285
Universal Power pack designed by Outboard Marine Corporation that fits a number of different Evinrude and Johnson motors. Assembly is completely waterproof. If you own one of these motors, you can't afford to not have a spare power pack in your spare parts supply. What a life saver if your out boating and have a module failure.


(PS) 37-3416B
50-1600 watt. Non-electronic appliances like hair dryers, coffee maker, etc. Can conform to any nations wall outlets with built-in adapters.
$19 each

(PS) 37-3455B
50 watt. Electronic devices only, converting 220v to 110v. Also straight through 1600w feature for appliances like hair dryers, coffee maker, etc. A must for travelers to foreign lands. Built-in adapters.
$45 each
$23 each