AC Power Supplies


Below is a list of our AC power supplies currently in stock. Some one-of-a-kinds, tons of others. While many items are new, surplus condition, others are previously owned. A very large supply of six semi loads originated at the Los Alamos Nuclear Laboratory. We are not able to check, guarantee or speculate as to their performance or conformance to original specs. Some may be only partial units. Many were homebrewed at the lab, sometimes to an obscure recipe. Our basis for pricing largely depended on visual condition and completeness. We do not care to be in the test equipment business and are motivated to clear out this inventory quickly to make room for new parts. Feel free to call, e-mail, fax or yell for any details that you may need. All sales are final and are made on a first come, first served basis. No reservations will be made. No lay away's. These power supplies can produce hazardous voltages and Surplus Sales of Nebraska intends them to be purchased and used by qualified personnel. We are not responsible for the use or misuse of any products sold herein. Please be careful.

*** Featured Item ***
Elgar Variable AC Power Supply
Any Voltage 0 - 131 vac @ 11.2 amps

(PS) 1201EL/2
Elgar variable AC power supply. 4 digit display for amps, volts & frequency. Any voltage 0 - 131 vac output, current limiting fixed at 11.2 amps. Voltage adjusts from front panel. Front panel frequency adjustable from 58 - 62 Hz. Rack mountable. 6 foot, 14-3 output cord with grounded plug.

Input: 115 vac @ 60 Hz
Output: 0 - 131 vac @ 11.2 amps
Dimensions: 19" x 5" x 16" deep
Weight: 66 lbs

$995 each

AC Power Supplies
Part Number
Rating / Dimensions / Notes
(PS) 100Y-230105 Variac panel has two 2.4 amp, 120v variacs,
Outlet receptacles, fuse & switch. Rack mount 7"H
(PS) 1070-3 Invertor input: 117 / 208v, 47 - 400 Hz, 3 phase,
Output: 240 vac, 335 / 400 Hz, 3 phase, 3.5 amps, 10" x 5" x 4"
(PS) 2501 AC Regulator: 110 - 120v, 2.5 kva
(PS) 3000B AC Line Conditioner, 180 - 300 vac @ 15 amps,
Meters: 0 - 300 vac & 0 - 30 amps AC, Rack mount 12-1/4"H
(PS) 500S Regulated Sorensen AC supply, 115 vac @ 0.5 amps,
2 receptacles at back, Meter glass broken, (0 - 150 vac)
(PS) AC1000 1000w Regulate / Constant Voltage, 115v
(PS) FC1004RS ERA Transpac, 60Hz to 400 Hz Converter, 100va,
BRAND NEW in the Box!!
(PS) TFC115-200 60Hz to 400 Hz Converter, 200va, 105 - 130 vac, 3 amp input,
Meters: 0 - 150 vac & 0 - 3 amp, Rack, 5-1/4"H, USED.
(EQP) C1155/MRN Litton 60 Hz frequency control maintains constant 60Hz on 115 vac equipment
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