Miscellaneous Items

Dosimeter Charging Unit

Stephen dosimeter charging unit. Model 4800. Requires 1 "D" cell battery. NSN: 6665-00-856-8813.
$25 each

Morse Box Control Assembly

(MIS) 402-853
Morse box control assembly. Hydraulic road grader. 3 lever control. Control and hardware. Includes 3 push-pull control cables (14 ft) Cable P/N: D37913-3-0168. Fits Scott-Huber Grader model. F1500M. NSN: 3805-01-177-8546. Circa 1984. Brand new!

HP Courier 1 Laser Jet Printer Font Cartridge

(MIS) HP92286A
HP Courier 1 laser jet printer font cartridge. New in box!
$650 each
$10 each

Hypodermic Syringe

(MIS) 5CC21G1
Hypodermic syringe. 5cc. Includes 1" needle. New-old stock.

Vivitar S-100 Rotary Slide Tray

(MIS) S-100
Vivitar S-100 rotary slide tray.
$2 each
$3.95 each

Rubbermaid Bowl
6 Quart

Rubbermaid bowl. 6 quart. Military surplus, "maid" the old fashioned way. Decades old but never used and rubber as soft as when it was produced. 12" outside diameter x 3-1/4" deep. Assorted colors. Our choice.

Printer Wheel

(MIS) 87160013
Richo Company Ltd printer wheel. Type 3. Cubic 15. Mfg. P/N: 87160013. Made in Japan.
$5 each
$9.95 each

U.S. Army M1A1 Tank Mine
Clearing Rake Straight Pin

(MIS) 13229E9228
Souvenir item! Own a piece of Desert Storm. U.S. Army M1A1 tank mine clearing rake "straight pin". Solid ceramic. 3/4" steel bolt runs through middle. 4-7/8"D bells, 6-1/2"L. Weighs 20 lbs. Novelty idea: Dumb bells for the weight room or office desk. NSN: 5315-01-370-3040.


Glow Stick

(MIS) 95277-80
Cyalume chemical lights as used by our military for emergency S.O.S. alert are now available to you, the civilian. Throw a couple in the glove box, maybe a few in the tornado shelter. Just break and shake the internal glass tube and the stick comes to full bright, a fluorescent green. Enough candle power to read a map or even a book. They last for hours at full brightness and are still going after 12 hours!! NOTE: These are expired but work just fine. Sold as-is.
$20 each - $17 (3+), $15 (12+)
$1.50 each - $1.25 (25+)

Heavy Canvas Antenna Case / Back Pack

(ANT) LCN-S-82
Heavy canvas antenna case / back pack. Forest green. 6 meter log periodic case. Fold-up / roll-up / snap closed. Pull back pack straps over shoulders and go. 3' x 6' laid out. Brand new in Military sealed bags.
$19 each

Trigger Circuit

(SIC) 95216016
Thomson-CSF Declencheur L1 trigger circuit. Space Lab spare part. 1-1/8" x 3" x 3-3/4".

Draw String Canvas Bag

Military olive drab draw string canvas bag. Use for coins, optics, hardware, collectables of any kind, etc. Measures 3-1/4" x 7-1/2".
$175 each
$2.75 each - $2.25 (10+), $1.90 (25+)

Life Preserver
Auto Inflation Device

(MIS) 1812-158-02
Conax Florida Corp. life preserver auto inflation device. Also has manual pump. New, surplus. Date code: 10/94.
NSN: 4220-01-302-2560.

Compressed Flat
Felt Wick

(MIS) 400231
Compressed flat felt wick. 0.312" x 0.125", 9" long. 2,000 pcs available. NSN: 9390-01-034-0731.
$10 each
$1 each - 75¢ (10+), 50¢ (100+)

Pyrex Funnel

(MIS) H61
60º, 3" Pyrex funnels packed new in crates from 1956 N.Y. Naval Shipyard. 6" long rubber hose attached to outlet with 3/16" threaded steel tube.


Voit Ultra Marine 728
Diving Snorkel

(MIS) 505728
U.S. Navy diving snorkel. All rubber, endorsed by Mark Spitz, new in the box! Ultra soft contoured lip guard and twin lug type teeth grips. International orange safety top and double "O" mask strap holders.
$4 each - $3 (5+), $2.50 (25+)
$4 each - $3 (5+)


(MIS) MILC25539
All purpose 35 hour candle. Surplus from uncle, these are the handiest candles I've ever laid my mitts on. We test fired one and it went 35 hours. The 2-1/4" stainless container has a tight fitting lid (that is actually taped on for waterproofing in the crate) and is 2" high with the lid. NSN: 6260-00-840-5578.

Stash a few in the emergency shelter, the car trunk, fishing box or any other place you can think of. These rugged little guys will be around for the duration.

Buy a case or two and pass them out to friends. 12 candles conveniently packed per case.


Case of Candles

(MIS) MILC25539

When ordering a case of candles (12 or more),
please use the button below.
$2 each - $1.50 (3+)
$15 (1 case = 12 candles @ $1.25 each),
$12 (4 cases = 48 candles @ $1 each)

Dosimeter Charger

(EQP) VICT4235
Victoreen dosimeter charger. Requires 1 "D" cell battery.

Aircraft Slide Rules

(MIS) J201A/B
Aircraft slide rules made by Rockwell for Sabreliner Division. NSN: 6685-00-076-0759.
$95 each
$45 per set

Circuit Card Assembly

(CCM) 7603148-00
Circuit card assembly. Sperry / Univac / Paramax.

"Single Channel"
Circuit Card

(CCM) 25536
"Single Channel" circuit card. Gold edge card pins. Unknown circuit contains the following socketed ICs: TL074CN, CD40066BCN x 2, MC14052BCP x 2, LM307N. 5-1/2" x 3".
$199 each
$2.50 each - $2 (10+)

Annunciator Board

Top View Bottom View
(MIS) 261500
Squire-Cogswell annunciator board. 3" x 8". All boards failed QC.
$5 each

Toledo Weigh Scale
Antique Print

(MIS) T283
Toledo model 61 motor operated floor scale weighs to 175 pounds and has a "print weight" feature. Runs on 115 vac. Total physical weight is 400 pounds.

Ground Cover Tarp
14' x 14'

(MIS) MIL-T-53048
UV resistant. Puncture resistant. Ground cover tarp is heavy duty military issue. Heavy vinyl / fiber construction. Made in 1993. New in the box. NSN: 5430-01-316-5715.
$500 each
$24.95 each

Antique Toledo Scale

Antique Toledo scale. Balance beams. Counting ratio 9:1 / 99:1. 40 pounds max. Ballantyne. Used.

Smoke Detector

(ALM) SLK-12
Hochiki photoelectronic smoke detector. Plain, simple and inexpensive. Great for use in spacious warehouses where you need large numbers of sensors on a budget. Compatible with UL-listed 2 wire systems and operates on 12 vdc. 3-5/16" diameter, 1-1/4" high. Base not included.
$125 each
$3 each - $2 (6+), $1.50 (25+), $1.25 (100+)