Miscellaneous Audio Parts

Microphone Adapter &
Audio Transformer
100,000 ohms

(MIC) 57A120D1
Microphone adapter and Freed audio transformer. 300 - 20,000 ohms. Includes shield box plus 4 pin flange mount female jack (MS3102A14S) mating with 4 pin inline male (MS3106A14S). New surplus. NSN: 5821-591-3786.

Primary: 82 ohms, 50 ma
Secondary: 100,000 ohms
Dimensions: 2-1/8" x 2-3/4" x 1-5/8"H


Boom Microphone

(MIC) 55AW
A throw back from the 50's. This boom microphone needs an element, headset and head to operate.
$65 each
$2 each

Cord Assembly

(WAA) 67740-09
A replacement rubber coiled cord assembly for military communications headset. 6 foot plus relaxed cord stretches to 15 feet plus. Terminated with a ten pin GC U-77/U connector.

Headband Replacement

(MIC) H133C/A1C
David Clark headset-microphone replacement headband. Soft cushion pad. NSN 5965-00-226-7870.
*** SOLD OUT ***
$10 each

Speaker Grill

(SPK) 01-41858E01
Motorola speaker grill. Speaker mounting holes on back. 2.5" c-c. 3-3/4" x 4-3/8" x 5/8" high. Brand new!!

Earphone Cushion

(MIC) 11278
Earphone cushion. NSN: 5965-00-280-9669.
$1 each - 85¢ (10+), 70¢ (100+)
$3 each

1950's Headband

(MIC) MX-175/U
Army green headband wired for earphones with PJ-054 plug. Rubber headband supple, in excellent condition.

Magnetic Tape Head

(MIC) BK-1110
Brush 2 channel magnetic tape head.
$5 each
*** SOLD OUT ***

McMartin Compressor /
Expander for Audio Console

(EQP) CM-2001
McMartin compressor / expander for audio console. 600 ohm in / out. New in the box. Just a few left.

Universal Talkback

(EQP) LR-1010
McMartin Universal talkback amplifier is designed for two way voice communication between two speaker stations and a third handset. Works with 25v or 70.7v lines. 600 ohm. 1-3/4" high rack width, 7-1/4" deep. Runs on 120 vac or 24 vdc.
$250 each
$100 each