Military Microphones & Handsets

Dynamic Microphone
for PRC-68

(MIC) M-80C/U
Beautiful dynamic microphone for PRC-68. Push to talk. 150 ohm impedance. 300 - 3500 Hz frequency response. 2.5 - 7 foot coil cord. Has UG-229/U five (5) pin connector. NSN: 5965-00-179-7762. New, surplus.

Roanwell Push-To Talk Handset

(MIC) H169/U
Roanwell push-to-talk handset. 4" cord. 5 pin connector. We received these new in government surplus. They were repainted grey. DLA900-79C-0476. NSN: 5965-00-679-9501.
$95 each - $85 (6+)
$239 each

Military Combat Handset

(MIC) H250/U
General Information: This dynamic noise canceling mike type handset is the standard for many PRC-nnn series radios. This handset was designed for use under combat conditions which includes explosions, heavy trucks or tanks driving nearby, etc.

Handset H-250/U utilitizes a 1000 ohm earphone element, a 150 ohm dynamic noise canceling microphone, a push-to-talk switch and a six foot (extended) retractile cord terminating in a 5 pin audio connector (U-182/U). It is intended for use with military man-pack radio equipment such as the AN/PRC-70 and AN/PRC-77. Handset H-250/U can be uesd in place of Handset H-189/GR. NSN: 5965-00-043-3463.

    Ohmeter Readings:
  • A (gnd) to B (ear) = 1,000 Ohms
  • A (gnd) to C (PTT) = normally open, 6 Ohms PTT pressed
  • A (gnd) to D (mike) = normally open, 150 Ohms PTT pressed
  • A (gnd) to E (External) = always open Speaker

Telephone Handset

(TEL) HS0004
Audiosears "G" style telephone handset. 35 ohm mic., 625 ohm earphone. 5 foot coiled cord. Spade lugs. Mic goes through earphone. Use (TA) ADC109K Field Telephone Transformer to combine two of these handsets into a working 2 wire private telephone system. Push-To-Talk button on handle.
$175 each - $150 (3+)
$65 each - $55 (3+)

Military Handset

(MIC) 702019-652
Stromberg-Carlson military handset with 3 pin connector. NSN: 5965-00-568-5802.

Telephone Style Handset

(MIC) AR-240
Telephone style handset with 150 ohms dynamic microphone. Pushbutton TR switch on handset body. Four pin male MS3106A-14S-2P connector. New, unused. Made for SRS Series Transmitter/ Transceiver.
$95 each
$95 each - $85 (3+)

Military M-2/U
Microphone Head

(MIC) M-2/U
American Microphone Company Signal Corps US Army supplied microphone. Looks to be new, never used. A few minor chips of olive drab. Only 1 left.

Military M-80/U
Field Microphone

(MIC) M-80/U
Sonetronics mil-Spec dynamic field microphone is 150 ohms. U-229/U five pin connector plugs directly into many different transmitters. New, unused. SRS MK-1009.
$110 each

Carbon Microphone

Shure carbon microphone. 17 ohm DC resistance. 1' retracted, 6' extended coiled cord. Made for Scientific Radio for use on 200 Series transmitters. Connector varies. Used but good good condition.

Noise Canceling
Dynamic Microphone

(MIC) MK1008
Turner noise canceling dynamic microphone is 150 ohms. Five pin locking DIN connector plugs directly onto many different transmitters. New, unused. Made for SRS SR-380 Transceiver.
$55 each
$59 each - $50 (3+)


Noise Cancelling Headset

(MIC) NMN-6064A
Motorola noise cancelling headset and boom microphone for "Handie-Com" and "Handie-Talkie" series FM two-way radios (Ht220, MH10, MH70, MX300, MT500). NSN: 5965-01-225-6077. Previous NSN: 5820-01-097-9651. May require adapter cable for your particular radio.
$325 each

500 Ohm

(MIC) H-251/U
Astrocom headset. 500 ohm. U182B/U connector. Brand new!! NSN: 5965-00-043-3460.

WWII Chest
Carbon Microphone

(MIC) T-26-A
WWII army style carbon microphone complete with harness. Toggle switch at base for on-off-momentary action. Made in 1942 by Kellogg Switchboard & Supply of Chicago for the Signal Corps, U.S. Army. Strap one on today and put yourself in their boots. New in the box!
$169 each
$15 each - $10 (5+)

Western Electric
Oxygen Mask Microphone

(MIC) T44A
Western Electric T-44-A magnetic microphone assembly includes MC-253A mic, M-369 mic cover, CO-287 woven cloth cord, PL-179 plug and JK-26 jack. The PL-179 plugs directly into the aircraft. The JK-26 accepted headset plug. These are brand new in boxes and include instruction sheet. Boxed 4 / 43.

Oxygen Mask
Aircraft Microphone

(MIC) RS83
Telephonics Corp P.T.T. magnetic microphone assembly includes p.t.t. button and 3/16" (PJ-068) phone plug. WWII for sure. Brand new in the can!!
$99 each
$23 each - $19 (3+)