Communications Headsets

Audio / Video Control

(SPK) 700116
Audio / video control. Three molex connectors: 1 - 9 pin male, 1 - 9 pin female, 1 - 4 pin male. Two wafer rotary switch. 2-1/2" x 3".

Headphone Control

(SPK) 700115
Headphone control. Includes dual 600 ohm pot, stereo phone jack, DPDT switch, 4 pin male Molex connector. Dimensions: 2-3/8" x 3-1/4".
$1.50 each - $1.25 (10+)
$6 each - $5 (6+), $4 (25+)

Headset Microphone

(MIC) M-83534/2-02
ACS Communications Telephone headset and 15 foot coiled cord. PJ327 jack for telephone set, SM headset model, New Old Stock. Six sizes of ear tips, hand TeleGrip push to talk belt clip control. Black color. Part number M83534/2-02. NSN: 5965-01-301-2553

Joyce Telectronics
Headset & Carbon Microphone

(MIC) JTHM-90-1
Joyce Telectronics headset and carbon microphone. 300Hz to 4kHz, 85 ohm impedance. Earphone impedance 150 ohms. 8 foot coiled cord and U77/U connector. NSN: 5965-00-234-0219.
$110 each
$299 each

Telex Headset

(MIC) 2400A
Telex heavy duty headset with boom mike. Head phones and microphone brought independently to dual 1/4" three circuit phone plug. Used.

Headset for Helmet Applications
600 Ohm

(MIC) HS-38
Western Electric low impedance (600 ohms) headset for helmet applications. Marked "Receiver ANB-H-1". Terminated with PL-354 plug. 18"L cloth cable from 'Y' to plug. Cord is 12" from earphone to earphone. Issued in 1943. New in the box!!
$45 each
*** SOLD OUT ***

Military Avionic Style

(MIC) H-251A/U
Military avionic style headset ala'carte as in complete set above. Black ear covers and cushions. No microphone. 5 pin U-229/U connector. Looks new but may be used. NSN: 5965-01-182-3384.

Old Headset

C.B. Brandes old WWII cloth headband. Cloth wires missing. Definitely used and incomplete.
$135 each
*** SOLD OUT ***