Broadcast Equipment

Gates Radio Co. Vintage Interconnect Cable
(GAT) 927-8864-003
Gates Radio Company vintage interconnect cable. 15 gold pin connector head on one end, 14 gold pin connector head on other end. 17' 9.5" long, 1/4" diameter. Circa 1979.
$135 each
Gates Radio Co. Vintage Interconnect Cable
(GAT) 927-8864-002
Gates Radio Company vintage interconnect cable. 15 gold pin connector head on one end, 14 gold pin connector head on other end. 14' 10" long, 1/4" diameter. Circa 1979.
$125 each
Photo-Electric Control
(EQP) PEC504
Flash photo-electric control. 120 vac, 50/60 Hz. New!!
$350 each
"Gray" Broadcast Equalizer
(EQP) 602-C
"Gray" broadcast equalizer. Input Z= 4 positions (see pdf). Output Z= 150Ω. New old stock. Gates P/N: 723-0146-000.
$75 each
Microswitch Assembly
Push - Momentary
(GAT) 937-7705
Micro switch assembly. Push - momentary. White top or clear bottom. Activating a normally open SPST microswitch. Broad-caster green light / red light. Each paddle lit from beneath with lamps - 220v, 10 watt, threaded base. Gates P/N: 937-7705-001.
$119 each
"HARRIS" Metal Name Plate
(GAT) 646-0997
"Harris" metal name plate. Original transmitter issue. A real keepsake! 2 mounting pins (5-1/4" C-C) on back. 1-1/2" x 7-3/4"L. Harris P/N: 646-0997-000.
$99 each
Bearing Assembly
(SHW) 1304911
Bearing assembly. 1.5" square block. 4-1/4" overall length. Made in France for Broadcast industry.
$25 each
Magnecord Remote Control
Magnecord remote control. New, old stock. 16 pin connector. Harris P/N: 730-1810-000.
$125 each
Equalizer Plug-In Module
(EQP) HAR0249-000
United Recording Electronics Industries equalizer plug-in module. Model 2109. New, unused. Gates / Harris P/N: 484-0249-000.
*** SOLD OUT ***
COXBOX Control Head
Cox Electronics COXBOX control head. Part of 700-0835-000.
$150 each
Interphone Station
(EQP) 4TA7A2
General Electric Interphone Station. For use in TV studio with G.E. cameras providing two-way communication between camera channel and other locations. New, unused. Includes manual. Gates P/N: 994-7404-001.
$45 each
Dual Satellite Controller
Broadcast Tools dual satellite controller. New, old stock.
Tower Lighting Remote Monitor
(GAT) 994-5145
Tower lighting remote monitor. This is a simple current monitoring circuit that provides an adjustable output to almost any meter. Made for Gates / Harris Tower packages. Schematic included. Harris P/N: 994-5145-001.
$19.95 each
Gates Bstr Amp Module
(GAT) 900-0007-001
Gates Radio Company Crit. 1 Bstr amp module.
$25 each
Ground Hook
(EQP) HAR-938-4203
Broadcast Engineers "Ground Hook" for taking to ground potentially all of those nasty unknowns inside your transmitter. 5 foot long, 10 AWG insulated ground cable attached to a 11" long phenolic rod with a "J" hook. Made by Harris for distribution with broadcast transmitters.
$24 each
Peak Power Detector Module
(EQP) HAR992-3112
Harris peak power detector module. New, unused. Harris P/N: 992-3112-001.
$175 each
Lo Pass Filter
(EQP) HAR992-2856
Harris Lo pass filter. BFE10G. "BNC" female x "N" female.
$75 each
Harris Transmitter Monitor Cabinet
(HAR) 994-6738-002
Harris transmitter monitor cabinet. Includes power supply. New, old stock. 15" x 28" x 27"H.
Vidicon Focus &
Deflection Coil
(EQP) 312213714S43
Vidicon focus and deflection coil......or is this a heater mechanism? 8 wires + 2 shielded cables. 2-3/8" O.D., 5" long, 1" I.D. Made for Harris.
$20 each
Output Level Module
(GAT) 992-4957-001
Gates / Harris output level module. Fuseholders and on / off switch not wired.
$95 each
Take Up Brake Assembly
(GAT) AG500/PR-10
Vintage Ampex Audio take up brake assembly. Ampex / Gates production stock. New, vintage surplus. Alt. P/N: 4030170-30.
$25 each
Turntable Selector Plate
(GAT) CB500/SP
Vintage Gates / Harris broadcast CB500 transcription turntable selector plate. 33 - 45 - 78; On / Off. This is NOT the CB-77 plate. Original production stock from Gates / Harris. Limited supply. 5-5/6" at widest point across x 3-11/16" tallest point across. 2" x 3/4" On / Off switch opening. Weighs 3 oz.
$25 each
Idler Arm Assembly
Vintage Gates / Harris Broadcast idler arm assembly for Transcription Turntable Models #CB-77 and CB-500. Post has slight oxidation on top due to age. Should not affect function. Production surplus. Limited supply.
$49 each
Brake Shock Relief Assembly
(GAT) 601/602
Vintage Ampex Audio brake shock relief assembly. Surplus Gates / Harris Broadcast production stock. Used in Ampex Models# 601-602 R2R equipment. New in original package. Ampex / AVC P/N: 4040160-10.
$15 each
Idler Arm Capstan Bushing
Vintage Ampex Audio idler arm capstan bushing. Brass. 3/4" diameter head, 1/2" diameter bottom post (outside), 5/16" inside diameter. New, surplus production stock from Gates / Harris. Ampex / AVC P/N: 4200122-10. Gates / Harris P/N: 730-1204.
$15 each
352 Switch Rewind Pushbutton
(GAT) 120-014
Vintage Ampex 352 switch rewind pushbutton. A-H & H (Arrow-Hart & Hegeman) Electric for Ampex / AVC Division. 3/4 amp @ 125v DC, 1 amp @ 125v AC. SPST, NC. Found in Ampex Model 352 magnetic tape reproducer, among others. Gates / Harris P/N: 730-0108.
$15 each
Vintage Gates / Harris Plug-in Circuit Card
(GAT) 900-154
Vintage Gates / Harris plug-in circuit card. Playback, 150 Hz cue sensor for Criterion 80 tape machine. New stock from Quincy, IL.
$25 each
More Gates / Harris Equipment
*** All stock New / Unused ***
Part Number Description Gates / Harris P/N Price  
(EQP) HAR900-0196 Harris 1 KHz Cue Amp, 9p base, Cinch Plug,
2-1/4" x 2-1/2" x 3"H
900-0196-901 35.00 Add
(EQP) HAR992-2561 Gates Aural Amplifier 992-2561-001 195.00 Add
(EQP) HAR992-3284 Gates / Harris Preset I/O board 992-3284-001 25.00 Add
(EQP) HAR992-3435 Harris Mode Control Module PC Board 992-3435-001 95.00 Add
(EQP) HAR992-3801 Cue PC 8 KHz Module CC-3 with
3 relays E40-E1-Z4-V800
992-3801-001 125.00 Add
(EQP) HAR992-4054 Gates Circuit Board 992-4054-001 95.00 Add