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Radar Test Set
AN / SPQ-10

(EQP) TS2331
Radar test set. AN/SPQ-10. Front panel and chassis. 19" rack. Full of useful parts. These test sets were brand new so there is no wear and tear. Value of parts if removed and sold on our website is over $500.

Radar Test Set
AN / SPQ-10

Radar test set. AN/SPQ-10 sub-assembly - for parts. 7 - 10 GHz. Includes tunnel diode amp, mixers, filters, detectors, "SMA" connectors, waveguides and much more. +750 vdc power supply. Removed from brand new equipment. Never in service. 16" x 12" x 14"H.
$95 each
$150 each


US Coast Guard Radar Test Set
8430 - 9660 MHz - AN/SPQ-10

Close up of Front Panel

Made by Fairchild - Hiller for U.S. Coast Guard. Appear to be new and complete. 22" x 27" x 65". We have 20 in stock at this time. No further info available. Sold as-is.

Freq Range: 8,430-9,660 MHz
Power Requirement: 440vac and 115vac, 60 Hz, 3 phase
RF Connector: WR-112 (1/2" x 3/4")
Includes: TS-2331 Radar Test Set, R-1442 Receiver and T-1027 Transmitter.