Ballantyne, Strong: Theater Equipment, Lighting Spares

Synchronous Bodine Projector
Motor - 1200 rpm


Synchronous Bodine Projector
Motor (cont'd)

(MOT) S1210097
Bodine Projector Motors are identical to left but 208v, 3 phase. Great for wind generators!
(MOT) S0097080
230v Bodine Synchronous Projector Motors are the cats meow for many projects, not the least of which is replacements for theater projector motors. They achieve and lock in at 1200 rpm.... exactly! When operated in reverse, or when the shaft is driven by a wind propeller, once 1200 rpm is achieved, the voltage and frequency output is constant regardless of small speed variations. Most generators have a transmission to convert prop rotations to generator requirements. 5.5" diameter x 7.5" long body.

Type 48Y6BFYP, 1200 rpm, 1/5 hp, 230vac, 3 phase 60Hz, 2.3 amps. Shaft is 5/8" diameter 2-1/2" long. Great for wind generators!
$100 each - $89 (3+)

Bodine Projector Motors are physically identical to left but are 1000 rpm, 380v, 1.3 amp, 50 Hz, 1/5 hp 3 phase. Great for wind generators!
$125 each - $107 (3+)
$125 each - $107 (3+)

100 Foot Lighting
Extension Cable

Xenotech, Inc. 100 foot lighting extension cable. Multi-conductor - Two "00" gauge conductors, Eight 16 gauge conductors. Male & female connectors. Used but in excellent condition!!

Timer / Project Box
0 - 5 Seconds

(KTD) R3-T-602
Ballantyne timer box contains an Omron H3G-8C timer and four 0.5 ohm 50 watt Dale resistors. Plug in timer relay has DPDT, 5 amp contact rating and 120 vac control voltage plus nice octal hard wire base.

Dial in any time between 0-5 seconds. 4" high x 5" x 6" Bud CU-729 box with removable top and bottom.

$595 each
$49 each

35 mm Projector
Reel Arms

(MIS) 4055-5351
Aluminum reel arms for 35mm projector. New in the box. Sold only as a set.

5 Position Tap Switch
3 Phase - 35 amp

(SWR) C26C/A272-600E
Kraus & Naimer Blue Line 600 vac @ 35 amps (up to 25 hp) tap switch is perfect for switching primary taps, motor winding or any application you need the convenience of selecting multiple taps without rewiring. Removable front escutcheon is 3-7/16" square. Switch body is 2-3/16" behind panel. New in the box.
$250 each
$125 each

Micro-Processor Controlled Menu
Driven Time / Temp Control

(MIS) 733A-1DA1
Watlow Model 733A-1DA1-AAAR micro-processor controlled, menu driven time / temperature control. Up to 12 menus with time and temperature parameters plus process and deviation alarms. Includes program manual & service manual. New, unused!!

Motorized Timer
0 - 30 Minutes

(KTD) 138OD
Flavor-Crisp motorized timer. 0 - 30 minutes. Made by Deltrol. Controls: 240 vac. Timing motor up to 6.5 amps.
$475 each
$25 each - $20 (3+)

Xenon Lamp
Control Panel

(PS) 1340885-1
ORC / Ballantyne lighting control panel. Includes many useful parts and high quality parts.

• 4 circuit breakers including one 3 pole 25 amp(DC3-B0-24-625-13C-C), one 3 pole 15 amp(DC3-B0-24-615-131-C) and two 2 pole 3 amp (DC2-B0-24-430-131-C).
• Panel Meter 3-1/2" x 3", 1ma full scale, 0-60v and 0-120 amps actual scales.
• Elapsed time indicator (HOUR METER) 120 vac, 30 ma.
• DPDT 16 amp plug in relay, 48 vdc coil
• Various other switches, lamps & goodies
• 5-1/4" x 19" wide (rack)


Project Box
CNA Booth Termination Cabinet

Project box. "CNA Booth Termination Cabinet". Excess from Ballantyne theater equipment. New!!

• Steel enclosure
• 10 standoffs, 15 knockouts
• 7 momentary switches / 2 additional positions
• Keyholes for wall mount
Dimensions: 14" x 6" x 3-1/2"

$95 each
$95 each

Replacement Plastic Escutcheon
for Vacuum Tube Intercom

Fits Vacuum Tube Intercoms
Holiday Manufacturing replacement plastic escutcheon for vacuum tube intercom. Surplus from Ballantyne. Brand new!!

"811 Lamp Fail" Card

(MIS) 21-98464
"811 Lamp Fail" card. Detection / alarm trigger ckt. Includes: HB2-DC24V (x3) DPDT socket relay, photo electric eye, indication ckt / with LED. Surplus from Ballantyne. No diagram, no hook-up.
$1.50 each
$10 each