Miscellaneous Test Equipment Accessories

Ballantine Voltmeter
Model 390 NBS A-T

(EQP) BAL-390
Ballantine Model 390 NBS A-T voltmeter. Made in 1961. You tell us what it is. Beautifully precision machined out of brass, silver plated inside, chrome plated outside. Micrometer adjusted interior cylinder with fingerstock contacts to the main tube. The "N" connector center pin connects to an insulated disc. The movable inside cylinder has a similar insulated disc on it's end. Inside, the moveable cylinder is a glass envelope with 4 connections. Two connections go to ground and one end goes to the disc and the last goes to the center pin of the "BNC" female connector. Three foot cable with "BNC" male and large lugs included. Micrometer drive goes from 0 to 2" in 0.001" steps. All enclosed in solid mahogany hinged box. Only one available.


Ink Pen Assembly

(MIS) 11-2823-31
Gould ink pen assembly. 3.06" long tip to base. NSN: 6625-00-907-8305.

3 Terminal
Transistor Adapter

(EQP) TEK-013-070
Tektronix, Inc. 3 terminal transistor adapter.
$19 each
$25 each

Multiplier x 10

(EQP) BAL-402A
Ballantine Labs multiplier x 10. R = 4.4 megaohms, C = 8 mmfds. 2-3/16" x 2-3/8" x 5-1/2" high.

Multiplier x 100

(EQP) BAL-402B
Ballantine Labs multiplier x 100. R = 44 megaohms, C = 3 mmfds. 2-3/16" x 2-3/8" x 5-1/2" high.
$35 each
$35 each

Direct-Capacitance Standard
998.1 pF / 2.61 µS @ 1 MHz

(EQP) BOON-76-2A40
Boonton direct-capacitance standard. 998.1 pF, 2.61 µS @ 1 MHz. "BNC" quick connectors. New. NSN: 5910-01-243-4349.

Strip Chart Signal Recorder
1 madc - Full Scale

(EQP) A-356-2211
BRAND NEW Rustrak recorders have 1 madc full scale movement. Operating current of 120 vac, 60 Hz. Uses WA style 2-1/2" paper (1 roll included). Tape advances at rate of 0.016 inches / minute. 1 rpm. Gov't cost = $700 each. Measures 3-1/2" x 4-3/8" x 5-1/2" high. Made by Gulton Industries. Brand new in the box!!
$85 each
$275 each