Test Equipment: Noise Interference & Field Intensity

Noise & Field Intensity

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Noise & Field Intensity Meter
14 KHz - 400 MHz

Singer / Empire Noise and Field Intensity Meter covers from 14 KHz to 400 MHz in 4 plug-in modules. These behomoths weigh 194 pounds each and must be shipped by motor freight. We have two varieties. Working condition and repairable. A great chance to pick up a real work horse for nickels on the dollar.
Working = $1,200 / Not Working = $350

Interference Analyzer
14 KHz to 1 GHz

(EQP) EMC-25
Fairchild 14 KHz to 1 GHz interference analyzer.

Stoddart Noise & Field Intensity
30 Hz to 15 GHz

(EQP) NM-40A
Stoddart 30 Hz to 15 GHz noise and field intensity meter.
$650 each
$995 each