"UHF" Connectors

Amp UHF Male Connector

(CRF) 2-330830-2
Amp UHF connector, male plug, inline, crimp. Silvered. Fits RG-8 coax.

Amp UHF RF Male Connector

(CRF) 2-330830-6
Amp UHF RF male connector. Silver. UHF plug, inline, crimp. Fits RG-59/U.
$6.50 each - $5.99 (6+)
$5 each

Amp UHF Male Coaxial Connector

(CRF) 678
Amp UHF male coaxial connector. PL-259. Fits RG-58/59.

Hole Mount

(CRF) SO-239N/H
High quality US made "Greenpar" "UHF" hole (1/2") mounting connector, nickel, PTFE.
$2 each
$3.95 each - $3.50 (10+), $2.98 (25+)

Kings Silver

(CRF) PL259S
Made by Kings and Amphenol, this three piece silver body is our military's preference. Bakelite dielectric.

Front Hole Mount

(CRF) SO-239T/H
Kings "UHF" connector. Front hole mount. Silver plated with TFE dielectric. Requires 1/2"D hole up to 3/16" panel thickness. KU-79-11.
$6 each
$6.50 each - $5.95 (10+), $5.65 (25+)

Coax Reducer

(CRF) UG175
Fits RG-58

"UHF" Tee

(CRF) M358
Nickel plated Tee (female-male-female). Quality import.
75¢ each - 69¢ (10+), 63¢ (25+)

(CRF) UG176
Fits RG-59.
75¢ each - 69¢ (10+), 63¢ (25+)
$2.45 each - $2.20 (5+)

(CRF) M358S
Silver plated Tee (female-male-female).
$3.95 each - $3.50 (5+)


"UHF" Female

Ameco Inc. 1/2" connector for smooth aluminum CATV hardline with 3/32" center conductor. Rare "UHF" female (SO-239). Compression nut. Bulkhead mounts with nut for feedthru panel applications.
$10 each - $9 (5+)

"UHF" Feedthru

(CRF) UG363
Standard "UHF" bulkhead feed-thru with nickel plated 2" body for 5/8" hole.

"UHF" Female

"UHF" female. Bird QC.
$5.95 each - $5.50 (5+)
$15 each - $12 (3+)

"UHF" Adapter
Female / Female

(CRF) UG-363/U
Amphenol "UHF" adapter. Female / female. 2" long. Removed from new equipment.

PL259 Reducer to 0.327"
O.D. Coax Cable

T&B PL259 reducer to 0.327" outside diameter coax cable. Crimp, silver plated.
*** SOLD OUT ***
$1.25 each - $1.07 (10+)

"UHF" Female Panel Mount

(CRF) SO-239A
Amphenol "UHF" female panel mount. Genuine U.S. made Amphenol 83-798 connector with silver plated center conductor. Nickel plated body.

"UHF" Female Panel Mount

(CRF) SO-239I
"UHF" female panel mount. Imported connector with nickel plated center conductor and body.
$4.65 each
$1 each

"UHF" Female

(CRF) SO-239T
"UHF" female. Flange mount. Solder cup. Nickel, PTFE.

"UHF" Panel Jack
Flange Mount

(CRF) SO-239
Amphenol "UHF" panel jack, flange mount. Genuine U.S. made Amphenol 83-1R connector with silver plated center connector. Nickel plated body.
*** SOLD OUT ***
$3.50 each

Amphenol PL259

(CRF) PL259/A
Amphenol PL259 connector with silver center body. #83-ISP.

"UHF" PL-259 Twist-On

(CRF) PL259/TW
"UHF" PL-259 twist-on. RG-58. 11/16"D x 1-1/8"L.
*** SOLD OUT ***
50¢ each - 40¢ (25+)

"UHF" 90° Elbow

(CRF) UG646
The standard "UHF" elbow, nickel plate and plastic dielectric.

"UHF" Double Male

Nickel plated adapter with PL-259 each end.
*** SOLD OUT ***
*** SOLD OUT ***