Connectors: Series to Series "RF" Adapters - "LC" to (x)

"LC" Male to "N" Female

(CRF) UG-1166
"LC" male to "N" female. Long neck. Silver body. PTFE.

"LC" Male to "HN" Female

(CRF) UG-252/U
"LC" male to "HN" female. Silver body.
$207 each
$245 each

"LC" Plug to "N" Jack

(CRF) UG-999
"N" female jack to "LC" male plug. Silver body.

"LC" Jack to "N" Jack

(CRF) UG271
"LC" female jack to "N" female jack panel mount. Silver body.
$189 each
$139 each

"LC" Jack to "HN" Jack

(CRF) UG259
"HN" female jack to "LC" female jack. Panel mount. Silver body.

LC Jack to HN Like
High Voltage Jack

(CRF) 11429
Gremar "HN" family of high voltage female to "LC" female jack. Panel mount. Silver body. PTFE dielectric.
$119 each
$145 each


"EIA" to "LC" Adapter

(CRF) 538-815-2
Prodelin 7/8" "EIA" silver plated brass adapter, with air fitting. Includes bullet. 3-3/4" long.
*** SOLD OUT ***