"N" Connectors: Bulkhead Females
Coaxial Connector
0 Hz - 12.4 GHz / 50 ohms
(CRF) SF6545-6003
Amphenol / SV Microwave coaxial connector. PN series. 0 Hz - 12.4 GHz, 50 ohm, "ST" panel mount jack, "F". Gold over copper contact. For 0.141" cable. Stainless steel body, crimp termination. Insulation resistance: 5G ohm, 500v. RoHS compliant.
$89 each
"N" Female Crimp Bulkhead
(CRF) RFN-1022-8
RF Industries female crimp bulkhead, type "N" with rear mount and O-ring. 50 ohms. For RG-174/U. Silvered body, gold center pin.
$19 each - $18 (5+)
"N" Panel Jack
Amphenol "N" panel jack. Nickel body, PTFE. Fits RG-5, 21, 143, 212, 222. 0.347"D cable.
$11.70 each
"N" Bulkhead Female

All models have O-ring seal!
(CRF) 57-010-0000
Sealectro gold body. Mil spec. Fits RG-174, RG-188.
$35 each
"N" Bulkhead Female
(CRF) UG556B/U
"N" bulkhead female. RG58 cable - clamp. Silver, PTFE.
$15 each
"N" Bulkhead Female
(CRF) UG-96A
Type "N" 75 ohm bulkhead jack, flange mount. Fits RG-8, 213, 393, etc. PTFE dielectric, silver plated.
$9 each - $8 (5+)
"N" Bulkhead Female
(CRF) 801-N3800-25
Type "N" bulkhead jack, flange mount. Fits RG-188 coax. PTFE dielectric.
$9 each - $8.50 (5+)
Bulkhead "N" Female
(CRF) 3034-7341-10
MaCom bulkhead "N" female. 50 ohm. Captive center contact. Fits RG-174/U, RG-179, RG-187, RG-188, RG-316. Fits 0.63"D hole.
$25 each - $22 (6+)
"N" Female Hole Mount
(CRF) 24N-50-3-14/133NE
Suhner "N" female hole mount. 0.141" hardline.
$12 each