Microphone Connectors: Vintage Amphenol

"Mini-Con" Switchcraft Single Conductor Female

(CNA) 5501F
Switchcraft "mini-con" single conductor female connector. Mates with 551DM and 5501MF. Use with shielded cable up to 0.187"D.

"Mini-Con" Switchcraft Single Conductor Male
Microphone Connector

(CNA) 5501M
Switchcraft "mini-con" single conductor male microphone connector. 0.366" OD connector threads. Use with shielded cable up to 0.187"D.
$8.95 each
$7.95 each

"Mini-Con" Switchcraft Single Conductor Connector

(CNA) 5501MF
Switchcraft "mini-con" single conductor connector. Panel mount. 0.375" hole mount.

75 Series Amphenol Single Contact Connector

Amphenol 75 series single contact connector. Locknut receptacle. Fits 3/8" mounting hole. 0.62"D. Includes fiber insulating washers to isolate from ground if necessary.
$7.95 each
$7.95 each - $7.50 (6+), $7.17 (25+)

Single Circuit

Single circuit connector made for older Ham and test equipment. This is the larger size in the Amphenol 75 series. 0.708" OD nut shell, 0.585" ID nut.
The Amphenol P/N is 75-MC1F.

Single Contact

(CNA) SCM-90
Amphenol 75-MC1FA right angle female plug fits older equipment. This is the larger size in the series. 0.708" OD nut shell, 0.585" ID nut. Limited quantity.

$15 each
$12 each - $11 (6+), $9 (25+)

Amphenol 75 Series Cable Jack

(CNA) 75MC1M
Amphenol 75 series single contact cable jack. 0.6" D x 1.83" L.

Female Panel Mount Connector
80 Series

(CNA) 80-C
Amphenol female panel mount connector. 80 series. 1 pin. Requires 5/8"D hole, 5/8" behind panel depth.
$9 each
$10 each

Amphenol 80 Series Jack

(CNA) 80-F
Amphenol 80 series jack. Single contact, inline. Old stock.

Amphenol Inline Male Jack

(CNA) 80-M1
Amphenol single contact inline male jack.
$9 each - $8 (10+), $7 (100+)
$9 each - $8 (10+)

Two Pin Offset
Female Inline Connector

(CNA) 80MC2F
Amphenol two pin offset female inline microphone connector. Mates with (CNA) 80MC2M.

2 Pin Offset Inline Male
Microphone Connector

(CNA) 80MC2M
Two pin microphone connector. Fits vintage Collins, Heath, etc. Made by Cooper Instrument.
$15.95 each
*** SOLD OUT ***


Miniature 75 Series Single Contact Mic Connector

(CNA) 80-75MC1
Miniature 75 series single contact microphone connector. This is the smaller size in the series. 0.552" OD nut shell, 0.438" ID nut.
$8 each