Andrew Lightning & Surge Protectors

Arrestor Plus Surge Protector
"DIN" Male to "DIN" Female
(CRF) APP-45-9
Arrestor plus surge protector, "DIN" male to "DIN" female.
$123.75 each
Lightning EMP Protector
"DIN" Male to "DIN" Female
(CRF) 3409.41.0066
Huber & Shuner lightning EMP protector. 806-2500 MHz, 50 ohm. "DIN" male to "DIN" female. Brand new.
$85 each - $79 (3+)
Arrestor Plus Surge Protector
Andrew arrestor plus surge protector. Low loss. "N" female / "N" female.
$49 each
Midisco Lightning Protector
(CRF) M7803-09-SB
Midisco lightning protector. "N" Fe panel mount without ring. "N" male. DC - 2.5 GHz. 50 ohms. Handles 37w average. Dissipates 20kA strikes x 10. Rohs compliant. Bulkhead mount to RF grounded panel.
$65 each - $55 (3+)

More Andrew Lightning Arrestor & Surge Protectors

Part Number Description Range Price  
(CRF) APG-BDFDM-230 Andrew - Broadband Gas Tube, "DIN" Male to "DIN" Female Broadband 63.75 Add
(CRF) APP-12-9 Andrew - Universal Version, "N" Female to "N" Male Univeral 101.25 Add
(CRF) APPL5-1-9 Arrestor PLUS SURGE PROTECTOR, "N" Female LDF5-50A version - 71.25 Add
(ANT) APPL5-5-9 Arrestor PLUS SURGE PROTECTOR, "DIN" Female LDF5-50A version - 63.75 Add
(CRF) APPL6-5-9 Andrew - LDF6-50A to "DIN" Female - 112.50 Add
(CRF) APPL7-1-9 Arrestor PLUS SURGE PROTECTOR, "N" Female LDF7-50A version - 101.25 Add
(CRF) APPL7-5-9 Andrew - LDF7-50A to "DIN" Female - 131.25 Add
(CRF) APTDC-BDFDF-WB Andrew - DC Pass, Wide Band, "DIN" Female to "DIN" Female 800-2400MHz 37.50 Add
(CRF) APT-DFDM-9 Andrew - 7 16 "DIN" Female to 7 16 "DIN" Male 1850-1990MHz 69.00 Add
(CRF) APT-NFNM-2L Andrew - Bi-Directional Arrestor + Surge, "N" Male to "N" Female Bi-Directional 111.75 Add