Miscellaneous Computer Cables

Hi-Density DB-25 Cable

(WCC) HD44-21
Hi-density DB-25 cable. 44 pin. 21" overall.


DB15 HD Male to Male 6 Foot Cable

DB15 HD male to male 6 foot cable.

$15 each - $12 (10+)
$10 each

25 Pin Male D-Sub to 36 Pin Centronics Male Computer Cable

25 pin male d-sub to 36 pin centronics male computer cable. 8 feet long.


Rockwell MILSTAR Twisted Pair Flat Ribbon Cable
36 Position

(WCC) 1700/36-CENT
Rockwell MILSTAR twisted pair flat ribbon cable. 36 position male Centronics D ribbon, connector on both ends. 75' of 3M 1700/36 twisted pair flat ribbon cable between them. 28 AWG, 18 pair twisted 18" then flat parallel for 2" repeating every 20" for length.
$5 each
$125 each

AMP DB Interface Cable Set

AMP DB Interface cable set. Overall length is about 45 inches. 8 each: AMP DB-9 male connectors with AMP shielded plastic backshells. 1 each: AMP 78 pin (only 72 pins installed) "DB" type male connector with AMP shielded plastic backshell. Montrose / CDT style 2464, 10 conductor (including ground / shield), 28 gauge stranded cable (foil shield with stranded drain). All connectors have crimp type pins which can be removed / reconfigured / replaced. Excellent for parts salvage alone, or used to make up custom jumper cable sets.


Cable Assembly
RS-232 to DTE

(WCC) 5061-4215
Special cable assembly. RS-232 to DTE cable. Mfg. P/N: 5061-4215. NSN: 6150-01-246-5442.

$25 each
$95 each

Ribbon Cable
IDE 26 Pin Socket

Ribbon cable. IDE 26 pin socket. D-sub 25 male plug. 29" long.

Amp Plastic Strain Relief

(CPC) 206749-1
Amp plastic strain relief. MI 62 pin.
$3 each
$10 each