Collins: Relays

4P & 6P Relay Sockets
4 pole 6 pole
4 pole X96 socket.
$4 each
6 pole X97 socket. Alt P/N 27E127.
$4 each
Plug-In Relays
(COL) 970-2439-010
T163X-96, 4 pole double split contact, 115 vdc coil Allied relay made exclusively for use in Collins' KWM-2A. Don't take ill advice on using a generic substitute. They don't hold up!
$65 each
(COL) 970-2439-020
T163X-97, 6 pole relay, otherwise as above.
$70 each
DPDT Relay
115 vdc
DPDT Relay KR2565-1, Collins 970-1914-000
(COL) 970-1914-000
Potter & Brumfield. The original KR2565-1 relay. DPDT, 115 vdc coil. Fits 30L, 32S, 62S-1, KWM2. It's a sensible replacement part to have on hand.
$85 each - $75 (6+)