Collins: Plugs & Jacks

8 Pin Octal Plug

Gates / Harris adjustable input pad. 0, 20, 40. 8 pin octal plug with resistors inside. Metal black shell. Mfg. P/N: 9265167001.

Plastic Jack

Plastic jack as used on all Collins ham equipment.
50¢ each - 40¢ (20+), 35¢ (100+)

Miniature hardware (nuts, bolts) to replace drilled out rivets.
$25 each
$1.25 / kit - $1 (10+)

3/16" Collins Jack
0.203" (3/16")

(CNA) 316-J
Standard Switchcraft 0.203" jack as found in most Collins equipment. 3 circuit.

Metal RCA Plugs

Quality all metal, nickel plated RCA male plug. The quality you want for home brew Collins patch cables.
$12 each
$1.45 each - $1.25 (10+)

2 Pin Offset Inline Male
Microphone Connector

(CNA) 80MC2M
Two pin microphone connector. Fits vintage Collins, Heath, etc. Made by Cooper Instrument.

11 Pin Socket

Female socket for power connection on 75S receivers, 516F-2 and 32S or KWM-2 interconnect, plus Heath and many other ham sets.
*** SOLD OUT ***
$15 each

9 Pin Socket

Female socket for power connection on 51S-1.


8 Pin Octal Tube Sockets

5R4socket 5R4socket
(COL) 220-1155-00
Amphenol, high quality bakelite, high temperature, recessed mount. Mounting flange 1-5/8" overall; 0.137" diameter holes; 1-3/8" c-c.
$25 each
*** SOLD OUT ***

11 Pin Male Plug

Male plug fits chassis power connection on 75S receivers, 32S or KWM-2s. Also use for extension of interconnect.

1 Piece Metal Hood

Metal back shell hood with strain relief for larger cable, i.e. interconnect.
$12 each
*** SOLD OUT ***

Assorted Hoods
Part Number
Price p/set
(CNE) 11P-MHOOD Female 11 pin socket and 1-piece metal hood combination
for larger cable like 516F-2 interconnect cable.
(CNE) 11P-PHOOD Male 11 pin plug & one piece metal hood combination for extension cables. SOLD OUT