Collins: KWM-2 / KWM-2A Parts


Collins Noise Blanker
for KWM-2

DPDT Relay KR2565-1, Collins 970-1914-000
(EQP) COL-136B-2
Collins noise blanker for KWM-2. Serial #282. Includes instruction sheet. Knobs and potentiometer not included. We bought this from Collins many years ago and are finally letting go of it.
$550 each

Collins Rubber Feet Kit

(COL) 543-8101-KIT
Collins rubber feet kit. Kit includes (4) rubber feet, (2) extension feet & (1) set of hardware.

6AZ8 Phillips ECG

(TUR) 6AZ8
For Collins KWM-2/A. Phillips ECG.
$27 each - $25.50 (5+ kits)
$8 each - $7 (13+), $6 (100+)

"Y" Filter

(COL) 526-9337-000
2.1 KHz round "Y" solder-in F455Y21.

Mechanical Filters

Both filters used in KWM-2, KWM-2A,
all 32S Transmitters & 75S Receivers.

(COL) 526-9427-000
2.1 KHz rectangular plug-in F455FA21.

$249 each
$249 each

PM-2 Power Supply for KWM-2 / A
Part Number
Price Each
(COL) 183-1054-00 C1, C2 20 uF, 450 v electrolytic caps.
(COL) 183-1009-00 C7, 40 uF / 40 uF, 450 v twist lock.
(COL) 353-1661-00 CR1-9 Diodes.
(COL) 662-0033-00 PM-2 Power Transformer. Pic
(PUB) COL-PM-2 PM-2 Manual, copy.


Other KWM-2 Switches

Genuine new replacement switches and wafers for the KWM-2. (COL) 259-1014-000 pictured.
Part Number
Price Each
(COL) 259-1014-000 Meter Selector Lever Switch, S12
(COL) 269-2023-000 Band Switch Wafer, S2 & S14
(COL) 269-1983-000 Switch Wafer, S6

Relay Conversion Kit

Our best selling KWM-2 product. By installing this kit, your KWM-2 is updated to the modern sealed plug-in relays of the KWM-2A. Cure the intermittents commonly found in older open frame relays. Includes all necessary parts plus the two original full service bulletins from Collins.
$185 each

Audio Transformer

(COL) 667-0368-000
T6, original Freed audio output transformer for the KWM-2/A.

KWM-2A Manual

Most complete manual, 9th edition, 15 January 1978. Includes complete fold out diagrams, revisions from KWM-2 to latest Rockwell KWM-2A. New Original.
$85 each
$35 each


IF / RF Transformers

Original New replacement cans.
Part Number
Price Each
(COL) 278-0276-000 T1 Transformer
(COL) 278-0277-000 L9 Tune Coil
(COL) 278-0538-000 L9 Tune Coil

Replacement Tubes

16 quality tubes selected for use in the KWM-2/A. Basic kit includes all tubes but the finals. Pick up a set to have on hand for substitution trouble shooting.
$142 per set

Plug-In Relays

(COL) 970-2439-010
T163X-96, 4 pole double split contact, 115 vdc coil Allied relay made exclusively for use in Collins' KWM-2A. Don't take ill advice on using a generic substitute. They don't hold up!
$65 each

(COL) 970-2439-020
T163X-97, 6 pole relay, otherwise as above.
$70 each

General Electric 6146B / 8298A
Sold Individually or in Matched Pairs

(TUT) 6146B/8298A
General Electric 6146B / 8298A premium tubes. Recommended for any transmitter using 6146Bs including Collins, Kenwood, Yaesu, etc. New in original in factory cartons. Last chance to stock up on these rare beauties. Date codes 1981-1985.
$59 each - $55 (10+ singles)

(TUT) 6146B/8298A-MP
Matched pairs. Otherwise, same as above.
$128 matched pair - $120 (10+ matched pairs)

(TUT) 6146B/8298A-MT
Matched trio (3 tubes). Otherwise, same as above.

General Electric 6146W
Sold Individually or in Matched Pairs

(TUT) 6146W
Our most popular tubes. Heavy duty "W" model made for use in military equipment where rugged environment survival was essential. Manufactured by General Electric in the good old USA. In most cases, our 6146W will directly replace 6146, 6146A and 6146B. Made for use in Collins and other U.S. manufactured equipment. Date code: 1987.
$45 each

(TUT) 6146W-MP
Matched pairs. Otherwise, same as above.
$100 matched pair
$200 / set

Parasitic Chokes

(COL) 543-8022-002
Z1 and Z2 choke as used on 6146 finals. Coil wound on 2 watt resistor.

Mic Gain Pot / Switch

(COL) 376-7404-000
Yes, it is the most often requested replacement pot on the KWM-2. Responsible for intermittent tune up / mic gain control.
$11.75 each
$19 each - $15 (5+)


Other KWM-2 Pots

Genuine new replacement pots for the KWM-2. If it's worth replacing, stick in a new one.
Part Number
Price Each
(COL) 376-7202-000 Anti Vox Gain, R45 & Vox Gain R39
(COL) 376-4623-000 Carrier Balance R15
(COL) 376-4622-000 S-Meter, R121, 100k Slot Adjust - Pic


Special Crystals

(COL) 289-1424-000 pictured
Part Number
Price Each
(COL) 289-1424-000
100 KHz
(COL) 290-8705-000
453.65 KHz
(COL) 290-8706-000
456.35 KHz

PA Loading Trimmers

(COL) 918-0006-000
PA loading trimmer. 100 - 500 pF. C152, C153 and C154.
$12 each

(COL) 918-0010-000
PA loading trimmer. C155.

Collins KWM-2
Plate Tuning Capacitor

(CAV) 920-0138
Replace your arced final tuning capacitor. Mounts by tapped holes in front or bottom. Body measures 2-3/16" x 1-13/16" x 1-5/8" high. Dual section 3/8" diameter x 1-1/2" long shaft. 13 - 452 pF per section. Extra replacement for KWM-2.
*** SOLD OUT ***
$109 each

DPDT Relay
115 vdc

DPDT Relay KR2565-1, Collins 970-1914-000
(COL) 970-1914-000
Potter & Brumfield. The original KR2565-1 relay. DPDT, 115 vdc coil. Fits 30L, 32S, 62S-1, KWM2. It's a sensible replacement part to have on hand.

Collins 4 Ohm Speaker

(COL) SPKR-4-57
Your missing out if you haven't replaced your 20-30 year old speaker with our updated communications speaker made by the same manufacturer Collins contracted with. Delivers the desired warm audio from your tube type equipment. Many hams order extra after trying out this new design. Slips right into same mounting as original speaker in B3, B4 or B5. 5" x 7". Low, 4 ohm impedance Join the club!
$85 each - $75 (6+)
$29 each - $27 (3+), $25 (10+)