Collins: 75S-1, 75S-2, 75S-3

75S-1 "S" Meter Zero Pot
250 Ohm


(COL) 376-4602-00
75S-1 "S" meter zero pot. 250 ohm.

Collins Mechanical Filter
6 KHz Bandwidth / 455 KHz IF

(COL) 526-9340-009
Collins mechanical filter. "AM" filter. in a "Y" case style for solder-in receiver platforms. Electrically the same as plug-in model 526-9498-00 (F455FA60) except the Y model needs to be soldered. F455 Y60. 6 KHz bandwidth, 455 KHz IF. Fits 75S series Collins receivers. Brand new stock that was squirreled away in a radio shop on Radio Row.. Brand new in the box!!
$20 each
$149 each - $125 (3+)

"Y" Filter

(COL) 526-9337-000
2.1 KHz round "Y" solder-in F455Y21.

75S Function Switch

(COL) 259-0949-00
This is S9 on your schematic which controls off / standby / operate / calibrate.
$249 each
*** SOLD OUT ***

Extra Switch Wafer for
2nd Crystal Deck

(COL) 269-1977-000
This is S1B on your schematic and piggy backs to original crystal selection switch on 75S-3C, 32S-3A, and KWM-2A.


Gray Power Cord
10 amp - 10' Long

(COL) 368-0110-00
Belden UL / CSA rated SJT cord. 18/3, molded plug. Collins gray. 0.33" diameter.
$10 each
$14 each - $12 (3+)

AC Line Cord

Fits all 75S receivers. Gray. 115v.


AF / RF Gain Pot

(COL) 376-2151-00
R31 on your schematic is a dual pot and controls rf and audio gain. When either becomes intermittent, change the pot.
$65 each
$19 each - $17 (5+)

75S-1 Escutcheon

(COL) 553-5707-004
Front panel cover plate fits 75S-1.


Collins 4 Ohm Speaker

(COL) SPKR-4-57
Your missing out if you haven't replaced your 20-30 year old speaker with our updated communications speaker made by the same manufacturer Collins contracted with. Delivers the desired warm audio from your tube type equipment. Many hams order extra after trying out this new design. Slips right into same mounting as original speaker in B3, B4 or B5. 5" x 7". Low, 4 ohm impedance Join the club!
$75 each
$29 each - $27 (3+), $25 (10+)


Replacement Tubes

Part Number
Price Each
(TUR) 75S-1
10 tubes selected for use in the 75S-1
(TUR) 75S-3X
10 tubes selected for use in the 75S-3/B/C.


75S-1 Manuals

Latest version manuals for each of the following series receivers includes op, service and schematics.
Part Number
Price Each
(PUB) COL-75S1
75S-1 New Original.
(PUB) COL-75S3/C
75S-3/A - Photocopy
75S-3B/C New Original.