Collins: 516F-2

516F-2 Manual

(PUB) COL-516F-2
Most complete manual, 15 July, 1974. Includes complete fold out diagrams. New Original. 523-0765629-001311.

$19 each

(PUB) COL-516E2
Collins power supply manual, copy.
$30 each

8 Pin Octal Tube Sockets

5R4socket 5R4socket
(COL) 220-1155-00
Amphenol 516F-2, 8 pin octal tube sockets. High quality bakelite, high temperature, recessed mount. Mounting flange 1-5/8" overall; 0.137" diameter holes; 1-3/8" c-c.

30L-1 Power Cord

7'6" long, 14 gauge, 3 conductor. A superior ultra heavy UL/ CSA rated SJT cord with foil sheilded/ drain to prevent EMI / RFI penetration! Black.
*** SOLD OUT ***
$6.95 each - $5.95 (3+)

Re-Cap Kit

(COL) 516F-2CAPK
Purchase the whole set of 8 to rebuild your 516F-2. Includes (4) of the (CFE) 30AFJ and (1) each of the other four caps, 8 total.

Gray Power Cord
10 amp - 10' Long

(COL) 368-0110-00
Belden UL / CSA rated SJT cord. 18/3, molded plug. Collins gray. 0.33" diameter.
$49 each
$14 each - $12 (3+)


Collins 4 Ohm Speaker

(COL) SPKR-4-57
Your missing out if you haven't replaced your 20-30 year old speaker with our updated communications speaker made by the same manufacturer Collins contracted with. Delivers the desired warm audio from your tube type equipment. Many hams order extra after trying out this new design. Slips right into same mounting as original speaker in B3, B4 or B5. 5" x 7". Low, 4 ohm impedance Join the club!
$29 each - $27 (3+), $25 (10+)