Bulbs: Neon
Neon Lamp
60v AC / 70v DC
(LMP) NE42
General Electric vintage ginormous neon lamp. Glows orange!! 3 watts, 30 ma, 60v AC / 70v DC. For use on 115v AC, use 2.2k resistor. For use on 220-300v AC, use 8.4k resistor. Standard base, Ba15d. 2 pin. 3-1/4" long.
$49 each - $42 (10+)
Neon Bulb
Neon bulb. 90v. 3/8" leads. 0.233"d x 5/8"L.
95¢ each - 80¢ (10+), 65¢ (50+), 40¢ (200+)
Vintage Neon Glow Lamp
(LMP) VS8001
Textron (which is now Triumph Group) vintage neon glow lamp. 110v. Threaded base, magnified end. Fits our T3-1/4 base socket (LMP) E10. P/N: VS8001. NSN: 6240-00-845-5034.
$18 each
Neon Lamp
(LMP) NE-15
General Electric lamp, bayonet base (entire stock is tarnished).
$4.50 each - $4 (10+), $3.50 (25+)
Neon High Bright Lamp
110-125v / 0.3 mA
(LMP) NE51
Neon high bright bayonet lamp. 110-125v, 0.3 mA. BA9 base, Requires 220k external resistor. Various brands.
$2.50 each
Neon Lamp
Neon lamp same as (LMP) NE51 except has plastic cover over neon bulb.
$2.50 each
Signalite Lamp
125v / 1 mA
(LMP) NE97
Sylvania Signalite lamp. 125v, 1 mA.
$2 each
Replacement Panel Lamp
110v-135v / 0.5-1 mA
(LMP) NE96
Zenith replacement panel lamp. 110v-135v, 0.5-1 mA.
$5 each
Panel Mount Lamp
Socket Assembly
(LMP) 5100-842
Panel monut lamp socket assembly. Red diamond lens. T-1-3/4 bayonet lamps. 100k resistor built in. For neon lamp use such as NE-51. UL and CSA listed. Includes lamp. Removed from equipment.
$18 each
"Drake" Neon
Bayonet Lamp Socket
(LMP) 5100-842/S
Drake neon bayonet lamp socket with built in 100k resistor. 250v, 7-10w, solder terminals. Use with T-3-1/4 Neon lamp NE-51. Panel mount. Lens not included. 1-11/16" x 13/16". 11/16" hole.
$12 each - $11 (6+)
Neon Lamp
(LMP) 1241457
Lockheed Martin glow lamp for Uncle Sam. 1/4" diameter x 7/8" long, 1" leads. Lockheed P/N 1241457. NSN: 6240-00-461-1501.
$2.50 each - $2.25 (25+)
Neon Lamp
90v AC
Chicago Miniature neon lamp. 90v AC. Wire leads.
$1.50 each
Red Neon Indicator
115v AC
Alco Electronic red neon indicator. 115v AC. Turret terminals. Internal resistor. Requires 0.312" diameter hole.
$2.25 each - $2 (10+), $1.75 (25+)
Neon Panel Indicator - Red Lens
125v AC / 0.5 watt
(LMP) 1040B47
Neon panel indicator. Red lens. 125v AC, 0.5 watt. Mounts in 0.5" hole. CSA approved.
*** SOLD OUT ***
Neon Panel Lamp
100v - 125v
(LMP) VM321-101
Oak neon panel lamp. Flush lens. 100v - 125v. 25,000 hours. Anodized aluminum body. Water tight, vapor tight, gas tight. Includes neon midget lamp, T2 size, C9A (NE-2J). Clear - Off, Neon Orange - On. Uses external limiting resistor. Requires 7/16" hole, up to 0.312" panel thickness. 1.5" overall length.
$15 each - $14 (6+), $12.75 (25+)
Neon Lamp
Sylvania neon lamp. 125v. Miniature flanged base.
$2.50 each - $2 (10+)
Tec Lite Neon Panel Lamp
(LMP) 43A127940PT2
Transistor Electronics Corp. TEC lite neon panel lamp. Pin 1: 0 to +6v DC input. Pin 2: 90 to 120v DC supply. Pin 3: +3v DC common. Fits 3/8" hole. Incorporates a NE-2V, 1 mA lamp.
$4.75 each - $4.25 (10+), $3.75 (25+), $2.99 (100+)