Antenna Parts, Pieces & Elements
MicroPulse 1930NW - E/F Active
Outdoor GPS Antenna
(ANT) 1930NW
MicroPulse 1930NW - E/F active outdoor GPS antenna.
26 dB amp. Requires 6 - 8 vdc via coax. Mounted on 46" aluminum pipe with 3/4" right angle LB weather proof mount. Requires 1-1/8" mounting hole. 5 foot RG-400, 50 ohm PTFE cable with "N" male connectors runs from antenna through pipe. 3"D x 3-3/4"H. Removed from new, unused equipment.
$125 each - $109 (3+)
Motorola Cell Duck
5-1/2" long cell phone antenna. Female connector on bottom.
$5 each - $4 (4+)
Teardrop Antenna Tip
(ANT) STT63904A
Teardrop antenna tip. Plastic. Olive color. Beryllium copper insert allows tip to lock on 0.4"D shaft. 0.4" I.D., 1.5"D x 2.5"L.
$6.95 each
Fiberglass Center Loaded Whip
3-1/2" fiberglass center loaded whip with 3/8" x 24" base thread. Top is 6-1/2" coil, accepts .07"DIA whip with set screw. Top whip not available. Assume 11 meter (citizens band) - no markings on whip or boxes.
$5 each - $4 (10+)
Rabbit Ears
Rabbit ears are 9" collapsed, 39" extended. 3/8" diameter post plugs into set top. 300 ohm twin lead.
$3 each
19.5" Collapsible Antenna
Pull out antenna with fold-over knuckle at base. Universal replacement for portable phone or walkie-talkie.
*** SOLD OUT ***